PCC 2023 Projects targets Infastructure, extends to North Cameroon

PCC Moderator, Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba 

The moderator of the PCC, head of all Presbyterian Churches in Cameroon, the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba has confirmed that 2023 will be impactful, given the projects envisaged.

He paints a vision of renewal, construction, building and that the church will carry on with it's action plan that goes right into 2025, despite the financial challenges the Presbyterian Church faces. 

The plans for the year 2023 focuses on the construction of schools, hospitals, personnel of the health sector within the PCC and others. 

- The old synod office will be  transformed into a hospital, to cater for the health needs of the Buea population and beyond.

-An eye hospital in Northern Cameroon will be opened, in the town of Garoua. To note that land to realize this project has already been acquired, given by the S.D.O for Garoua.

- The need to venture into building a befitting structure that will represent a financial house for the PCC. 

- Develop personnel within the health services of the PCC. 

- Complete structures in Nfou; the Presbyterian Secondary school in Nfou and the Presbyterian Secondary school in Bonamousadi.

These structures were are said to have started 2 years ago. The Moderator of the PCC says it is time to complete the structure, describing it as " a state of arts"  secondary school, "to be built in modern standard, to meet the needs of the android generation".

Besides these projects envisaged, it is worthy to note that parishes and congregations are carrying out projects at different levels under the PCC; like building new church houses in other areas.

The Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba mentioned the opening of a huge farm in Bastos which is over 100 hectares of land somewhere in Ebolowa. 

"In the era of evangelization, to break new grounds especially abroad; America, Europe, South Africa where there are Presbyterian congregations. We are in Dubai and we think it's time to expand", PCC Moderator. 

He leaves Preabyterians and Cameroonians across the national  territory with a message of hope, a  message of Peace, asking everyone to live in Peace and be one another's keeper 

"In order to achieve peace we should let go of all the pain of 2022 and embrace one another with love this 2023. Live in Peace with one another, I wish all Presbyterians and Cameroonians aPeaceful coexistence, a peaceful nation, a peaceful church", PCC Moderator. 


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