Following Assasination of Martinez Zogo, CJTU Resolves "Wednesday shall be day of Mourning in the Press"

The decision published on January 29th 2023 by the Union's Secetary General to have Wednesday as a day of mourning, is just one of the 6 resolutions taken  by the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union after a coordination meeting that held on January 28th 2023.

The assassination of Martinez Zogo has been on the lips of almost every one in and out of Cameroon, discussing the fate of Journalists practicing the profession in the said country, especially in areas where security is questionable. 

The decision signed by the The Union's National SG, Secretary General Hilaire HAMEKOUE is not just indicating that CJTU has eyes on the case but also hastening the steps of the powers that be to produce results on the investigations opened at different levels.

Wednesday has been declared a day of mourning henceforth, while regreting the delay in previous investigations concerning Ngota, Koum and Wazizi. 

This move doesn't just bring hope to union members but to all journalists in Cameroon, who are all waiting to hear results on the investigations opened on the Assasination of Martinez Zogo and for justice to prevail. 

Marion Obam, CJTU National President
(Picture credit: Hilltopvoices)

"CJTU calls on: the International Community, the association of Press Unions in Central Africa (USYPAC), the African Federation of Journalists (FAJ), the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Cameroon (CSAC) remain united in these claims and actions to bring out the truth", excerpt of the decision. 

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