NtaCCUL's 36th AGM: Aspirants occupy Vaccuum in Committees via Elections

In order to meet up with the goals of the union and live up to task, some members were voted into the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board and Youth Committee of the credit union.

According to the bylaws of NtaCCUL, every board and committee member has 2 terms of office of three years each renewable once. If a board member or a committee member violates loan policy of the union, that member forfeits his/her right to be a board or committee member.

NtaCCUL's Board of Directors convene an Annual General Assembly announcing vaccancies; Board of Directors(2), Supervisory Board(1) and for Youth Committee(2).

Prince Forba Placid Achu, Bih Akuma Miranda emerged for the seats in the Board of Directors committee, Boris Che emerged for the Supervisory Board while Awasum Mirabel Lum joined the Youth Committee. 

During NtaCCUL's 36th AGM that held on January 29th in Bamenda-Northwest region, every committee revealed challenges in their area of focus. The vaccancies announced by management was intended to boost the manpower of committees expected to pilot the activities of the union. 

The Women committee lead mentioned that women find it difficult to contract a loan in the union because they don't have land tittle which stops them from involving in developmental projects or buisness.

The Youth Committee didn't over emphasized on the already existing security challenges in Bamenda, but on the fact that they lack assets to use as collateral security, to secure loans for their buisness. Another major challenge mentioned was that youths spend more than they can save. 

Elections at the 36th AGM of NtaCCUL was conducted hitchfree because the General Assembly approved of the elected members, who according to them are of good morals and able to steer the affairs of the union. 

The General Manager, Divine Ade Muma emphasized that members  should allow their choices be guided by their objectivity, vision and transparency. He is confident that as the union looks foward to celebrate its Golden Jubilee, NtaCCUL is able to sort out it's challenges and forge ahead with the full collaboration of all it's members. 


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