Youth Entrepreneurship: Nde Frankline, the Image hunter says the hussle is challenging but keeps the faith

Nde Frankline, a professional photographer based in Bamenda with origin from Mankon, took after his father by taking interest in photography. His passion has grown overtime in taking shots of people at different places, events. He told civiclens that it is not about waiting for help to come from somehwere, but decided to believe in what he does, making a living and has encouraged youths to use their talents to serve their community.

Despite the "tough times" as he puts it, he believes that making his job comfortable will earn him some coins to enable him take care of his familly and siblings. NF pictures, his trade mark came to the lamplight after sharing the shots he took during Nukwi celebrations, celebrating the life of Fon Angwafor III, in Mankon.

Civiclens took interest in Frankline's story.

"After my high school education, I decided to pursue my career. I developed passion for photography because my father had been into photography and was a photographer for several years. I excel in photography out of passion. I have no side job apart from photography".

"It is not easy but I am trying to make it comfortable, not withstanding I also have challenges; many people take shots with their phones and may not necessarily need a photographer to take a good shot of them. I believe people will still have need for good pictures to use on social media, to use on their professional spaces online. With what I know and the qualities of cameras that I have, I put in my all and give out the very best shot to satisfy customers".

NF pictures has covered many events; weddings, Installations, football competitions, festivals, birthdays, funerals amongst other celebrations. He has also done documentaries. He plans on traveling to the Southwest and get shots at the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.

"I have ambitions to cover the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope and I pray to be given that opportunity to showcase what my lens can do, capture. To take a picture is not just to hold a camera and take a picture. I believe what makes me unique is because when I hold the Camera, I see beyond the image".

He encourages youths to take up the challenge and make use of their brains, their talent, develop passion in what want to do. To him this will reduce the rate of unemployment and youths will better serve coummunity, society.

Nde Frankline is married and a father of two.

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