Bafut Council Session: Councilors appeal to Mayor to ensure projects are supervised to Completion

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence has appealed to authorities, that Bafut Councilors and development association Presidents be involved with the project follow up committee to ensure that projects awarded to contractors be completed.

This is following the request made by Bafut councilors who observed that most contractors who take up projects in Bafut, take up the task and most of the time do an unfinished job. 

Councilor Ngwa Clarence is one of the few councilors that resides in the village. He explained with dismay that most contractors will sign, take up projects and leave them uncompleted. This has prompted the Mayor of the Bafut Council to keep an open eye on such projects. 

The 2022 administrative/ management account session of the Bafut Council held on March 11th 2023 at the Bafut Council hall, in the prescence of administration, traditional authorities, heads of services and councilors of the Bafut council. 

The initial budget for 2022 was balanced in revenue and expenditure at the sum of 1,049,690,702 frs with actual realization for the 2022 financial year at 556,108,845 frs. The amount spent at 556,077,874 frs giving an excess revenue of 30,971 frs which shall be adopted alongside other deliberations and incorporated in the 2023 budget. 

Bafut councilors delibrated that truck drivers extracting sand from Bafut should pay a toll gate fee of 5000frs instead of 3000frs. The Mayor thinks that the idea is laudable as it will increase the revenue of the council while bringing development to the Bafut Community.

"The Bafut council is considering that if the roads are open there should be an augmentation in the price of sand per truck. Councilors have voted that the normal prize that use to be 3000frs would increase to 5000frs when the SDO endorse the deliberation. It is important to have truck drivers understand that Bafut has one of the best sand in the Northwest region, it is important to enhance the growth of the Bafut Community by paying the tarrif, to maintain the roads going to the sandpit".

"The only challenge is that the sand is there but there are less buyers.  We are encouraging those constructing and who need high quality sand, to come down to Bafut and get a truck of sand. The quality of sand has been approved by experts and engineers concerned in that domain", Mayor of Bafut, speak to Press after Council session. 

Aside other worries councilors requested for a training on finances to be able to understand council figures. They complained about being served financial statistics on the day of the session itself to study.
And recommended that documents concerning figures or activities of the council be served early for them to study before the council session. 

The member of Parliament, Hon Agho Oliver present at the Council session submitted that it is important for councilors to take refresher courses to be abreast with financial issues. 

The D.O of Bafut sub-division, Didacus Elumba has urged Councilors to continue being ambassadors of Peace and play a key role in the development of the Bafut municipality.

"Supervisory authority instructs me to tell you that the ball is in your court because administration is doing it's best to restore Peace and order in Bafut, elements of forces of law and order are doing their best. Gradual return to normalcy is observed on the field but we are not relenting our efforts to continue sensitizing on the need for Peace", D.O of Bafut at the Council session. 

The Mayor offered maize seeds to encourage all farmers to cultivate their farms during this farming season, encouraging agriculture. This gesture will go a long way to boost harvest, to meet the demands of the growing population of Bafut.

The victories and successes of the Bafut Council contributes to the development of the municipality. Bafut councilors have been cautioned to cast their votes for the best list, for the development of Bafut. 


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