Senatorial Elections 2023: "Caged Voters" expected to produce results on Elections Day

Some CPDM Mayors, presidents of communal campaign teams have confirmed with their heirachy that all has been put in place to ensure that the CPDM list get 100% votes on March 12th 2023, Senatorial Elections.

Civiclens got hints on ground that CPDM Councilors within Mezam division have been lodged in their different groups to strategize more about voting modalities. These are efforts by Campaign team leads to ensure that the fate of the CPDM list records a victory at the polls. 

Lodged for reasons some councilors explained to our reporters on ground of anonymity, that their location prior to voting day is for the security of voters. 

The lead for the Mezam Divisional Campaign Commission, Minister Felix Mbayu has confirmed that all is set for CPDM to celebrate victory after Senatorial Elections. He spoke to some press men after a  meeting that brought together CPDM councillors and campaign officials at the North West Regional Assembly. 

"Mezam is very prepared for the 100% victory come Sunday. We have studied the state of preparedness and recieved reports from all Mayors. We took advantage of the meeting to brief them on the modalities of voting and we are confident that Mezam will vote with the rest of the region for the CPDM list", Minister Felix Mbayu in Bamenda, ahead of Senatorial Elections. 

Information has it that the CPDM has mobilized over 247 voters, though over 226 were present at the meeting and reassured the campaign team of their prescence at the polls on March 12th 2023.

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