Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC): NW Governor Installs Regional Bureau

Mekom Samuel Taleh and EXCO has taken up the command batting officially to pilot the affairs of the Youth Council bureau in the Northwest region. NW Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique has called on the new office to do their job well and be Examplary youths for other you g Cameroonians.

Installed on March 10th 2023 by the North West governor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique in the prescence of Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou, National President of the Cameroon National Youth Council, who was very satisfied with the mobilization made to see the Regional body installed.

"I trust in the dynamism of the team, they will make a great lead and the mindsets of many youths will be changed. Many opportunities will come to the youths of the Northwest, they should not relent because the Regional Bureau manning the affairs of the Youth council will make Northwest great again".

The President of the Regional Bureau, Mekom Samuel mentioned the three years special youth plan put in place by the President of the Republic through the Ministry of Youth affairs and civic education, that doesn't just provides opportunities for the Youths but also encourages entrepreneurial skills. 

"The first plan of action is to see how we can bring peace to the Northwest region, as young persons one of our goals as the Cameroon National Youth Council is sensitization. We can only achieving this is to talk to one another. The Northwest region has a special status meaning that it has its on peculiarities, which is insecurity. We have to start putting our heads together to adress this issue, looking at our peers who took up arms against the State because they were missinformed. We need to inform them about the activities of the State so that they are informed, allow them have access to the Three years youth plan without partiality offered by the Head of State to empower youths".

"To curb the issue of drug consumption among youths, we started an activity before the youth week. Some youths were deployed  to different schools, quarters to sensitize about drug abuse, gender base voilence. The sensitization was effective, reason why there was a massive turnout during Youth day celebrations. Most youths now know they have a civic responsibility towards nation building. We just need to continue with sensitization and gradually are goals would be met", Samuel Mekom President of Regional Bureau CNYC. 

Information from TheSafeguard has it that Makom Samuel was takes over from Nchia Benard and that he was born on July 17, 1996, in Pinyin, Santa subdivision, a graduate of the Higher Technical Teachers Training College, of the University of Bamenda with a DIPET II in ICT.

He is the vice YCPDM section President for Mezam 1A.

As far as his work life is concerned, he is the Director General of SAMSYTECH Company Cameroon, Proprietor of Competence Bilingual Nursery and Primary School, and High School Teacher GTHS Bamenda Nkwen amongst others.


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