Senatorial Elections 2023: Campaigns end in Momo Division with sports activities

To reassure themselves of having cut the "T"s and dotting the "I"s ahead of Senatorial elections on March 12th 2022, a football encounter took place between Momo East and Momo West in Mbengwi sub-division, Northwest region.

Supporters; Mayors and members of Parliament were present to encourage the players while counting on their votes for victoryon Senatorial Elections Day. 

CPDM occupies 5 councils in Momo division and all mayors have confirmed with their candidate, Home Enwe Francis that all is set to ensure that victory on election day March 12th 2023 is undisputed.

Honourable Enwe Francis on his part as candidate representing Momo Division cautioned  councillors to be united and vote for the CPDM party. He described the elections as crucial for the sustainability of the party in Momo. 

Campaigns ended on Saturday, March 11th at midnight. This was not different in Mbengwi as the Minister delegate already went to the field to give a tap on the back of councilors for victory as the CPDM controls all five councils in Momo.

Honourable Enwe Francis is known to be very receptive and this is not different with councilors and other subjects during his stay in Mbengwi ahead of Senatorial Elections. 

The Observer237 reports that he has been so with his constituents during his 12 year stay at the National Assembly and has promised to be the bond and shoulder on whom the councillors can lean on.

He is running for a place in the Senate after leaving the National Assembly in 2020.


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