Youth Development: Trade Union confederation official sharpen skills on Civic Entrepreneurial Program

The National Civic Education Program through Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial Rearmament (Pronec-Reinitiation) is a program that allows each citizen to learn and / or relearn civilities, civics, civic and moral values, to integrity and to live together within a nation like ours because of its multiethnicity, its multiculturalism, its multifunctionality and the diversity of religious, sociopolitical and economic obediences and activities. It is also a pedagogical tool for civic, moral and entrepreneurial education adapted and meeting the current needs of all strata, made available to populations in general, the educational community and socio-professional circles in particular. It is in this sense that a capacity building seminar for leaders of trade union confederations on the appropriation of this Program was held in Yaoundé. It is under the theme "Resilience and decent work: acting together within the world of work to improve living conditions and social inclusion through Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial Rearmament" that this seminar took place. was completed on April 27, 2023 by a protocol ceremony chaired by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou.

During this closing ceremony, the representative of the participants Penda Etongue III, Deputy Secretary General of the Workers' Agreement of Cameroon, officiating, expressed their gratitude for this seminar which will have been beneficial for a better condition of the worker in his environment. of work. The representative of the Minister of Labor and Social Security (Mintss), Njamsi Roland, Inspector General of the said ministry, in turn, noted the importance and interest of this seminar. According to him, the professional environment must be a space for the development of workers. In this sense, he expressed the wish that each worker can find his happiness in his work environment.
However, before proceeding with the presentation of the certificates to these new ambassadors of Pronec-Reinitiation, Minister Mounouna Foutsou reminded them of all the hopes based in them, but also on the result of the mission that awaits them, "We are counting on you . The country now has its eyes turned towards the ambassadors of good citizenship in the world of work. You are now the hope of the return of a frank and constructive dialogue in business; the hope of a real change in behavior and mentalities which will consecrate Cameroon as a single and indivisible country, a country of peace and hospitality, of good living, in strict compliance with the contractual commitments recorded in the notebooks burdens, and the prevention of all forms of inequality and conflict," he said. The Minjec then urged the participants to be relays of Pronec-Restart in their respective workplaces.

It must be said that at the end of this capacity-building seminar, the participants learned the civic reflexes that could make them capable of promoting citizenship, social inclusion, living together, the awakening of professional conscience, pledges of decent work in business.


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