North West Regional Assembly self evaluates, calls for collective efforts in Peace Building

Achieving peace, development goals is become the buisness of everyone. The President of the Northwest Regional Assembly, Prof. Fru Angwafor III laid emphasis on this and on the need for everyone to be committed in the process of peace building as it is an ingredient that has been missing in the region for the past 6 years, counting.

Speaking in Bamenda on April 17th 2023, at the March 2023 ordinary session that held under the theme; 2022 Performance and Accounts session, the 10th session was the first holding in 2023. It was an opportunity to have the representative of the State, NW Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique's presentation on the state of the affairs in the region and a performance report from the President of the Regional Assembly.

"Peace building is a continious process, it involves everyone. In each division and sub division, it is structured so that peace still holds; community stakeholders, youth groups, traditional rullers. We need trainings on the things that bring about conflict, how to address drivers of conflict. Each division is giving a report on what actions were done on the ground, while learning from best practives, learn about different challenges and share potential solutions to these challenges", Northwest Regional President.

According to Prof. Fru Angwafor III, in order to accompany the ideas of the Regional Assembly, reach their goals, there is need to engage community radios, the media as a whole to communicate on the peace building process, activities of the Regional Assembly while taking information from the base to the Assembly, so as to have a win-win situation".

"We are focused on the community, there are centralized activities, they will choose what activities they want done, working with state engineers to offer the facilities and to execute these activities. We hope that it will be a forum for dialogue at the quater level, village level, subdivision, the division. This will bring about social cohesion, living together and harmony. It's improving, the buisness of development becomes the buisness of everyone", President Northwest Regional House of Assembly.

The presentation of NW Governor on the state of affairs in the region proves that there is synergy at some level, the region is in harmony with the state.

"We couldn't have structured peace building without the administration, validated projects without state engineers. Everyone belongs to this process, it doesn't matter what hat you are wearing", Prof. Fru Angwafor III.

Updates on the peace building process in each division was presented by the different leads, which highlighted collaboration from the local masses despite the challenges faced on ground.

The President of the Regional Assembly cautioned all not to relent efforts, he mentioned that the strides observed are encouraging. The number of contracts the Regional Assembly has gotten involved in had increased, with all of them prioritizing the needs of the local population.


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