Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023: Women, Girls in Nyambore recieve sanitary kits from REWAC

Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon - REWAC visited one of the 52 quarters that make up Mendankwe, Northwest region of Cameroon to share sanitary kits and provide knowledge on menstruation and menstrual hygiene.

Observed every May 28th annually, this date was set aside with believe that a normal menstrual cycle should run for atleast 28 days but for the differences in climate, activities, meal as explained by other health experts that can change the cycle of a woman.

World menstrual hygiene day 2023, commemorated under the theme "Making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030", is inline with the believes of other communities who look at women on their flow differently or assume it is a taboo topic.

REWAC was able to bring in experts to expansiate about menstruation and menstrual hygiene while insisting on the need for a mother-daughter bond, to better educate on menstruation as some women themselves see the process of menstruating as "disgusting" .

"Menstruation is a normal fact of life, we need to educate boys and girls, men and women so that both parties don't see this as a taboo topic. It happens to every lady that has come of age, to every woman. Therefore boys/men should assist their sisters or wives get quality sanitary pad when a girl or woman is having her flow", expert on menstrual hygiene. 

Dell Henry, the quaterhead of Nyambore in Mendankwe was pleased with the lessons on menstrual hygiene and pleaded with REWAC to visit again ang go to other quarters, according to him many young girls in that community could be ignorant on how to handle themselves during menstruation.

Participants feeling edified with knowledge, were sure to carry the lessons learnt to their njangi houses and to the markets. Some women at the workshop confirmed that alot of new things were said arround the topic menstruation and they understood that they have a lot to do as far as the girl child is concerned. 

"Many women were not present here today but I think from the practical lessons given on menstruation, we have learnt alot. I appreciate REWAC for this, I will playy own role to pass the message across toy fellow women, it is also important for us to continue educating our children on a this issue of menstruation and menstrual hygiene".

REWAC shared sanitary kits to these women and girls, encouraging them to be proud and take care of themselves during their menstrual flow. 


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