The Herald Tribune Awards: Colbert Gwain bags home Best Content Creator

Content Creator, Colbert Gwain who runs The Colbert Factor has recieved an award during The Herald Tribune Excellent Awards in recognition for his persistence in diagnosing issues at are of national concern in Cameroon and to the things that are perculiar to the Northwest region, most especially.

Dictating what to write, how to write it, determining the intention for his words, has earned The Colbert Factor an Excellent Award from The Herald Tribune who finds the author worthy to be a laureate, defining the content disemimated by The Colbert Factor as apt and can be used by many as a source of verified information.

Read by diverse persons across the board and shared through different platforms for visibility has earned t
The Colbert Factor good readership. This has inturn stirred up anxiety for The Herald Tribune to appreciate it's works with an Excellent Award.

Colbert Gwain has dedicated his award to sudferers of the arm conflict ravaging lives in the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon. His consistent and incisive writeups has greatly contributed towards social cohesion and nation building. 

Haven generated content on Human Rights abuses in the Anglophone arm conflict and why the Rights of civilians should be protected, Gwain Colbert decided to dedicate the award to victims of the crisis.

"Our streets have continued to be painted with blood of victims of the Anglophone Crisis so I am dedicating this award to those who have lost family members in this conflict, the silent majority who continue to suffer even in the hands of the violent minority. I will use the platform to continue to call on powers that be to see that there is an end to this conflict as soon as possible,
said Colbert.

Taking in the consideration the fact that the award came on the heels of the International Labor Day, Colbert intimated that,

"There is no reason Africans need visas to move into neighboring countries when in Europe and Latin America, where people move around freely not but in Africa where artificial borders created by Europeans in the 1880s continue to restrict free movements. I will be creating more content in these areas in the nearest future so that the right things can be done".

The Colbert Factor is a solution-oriented, independent non-profit content creation medium.

The brain behind The Colbert Factor, a platform that generates and shares content geared towards finding solutions to both national and international challenges amongst others has bestowed his award from The Herald Tribune 2022 Excellence Award.

Gwain Colbert received the trophy Saturday April 29, 2023 for his consistent and incisive write-ups (The Colbert Factor) that have contributed towards social cohesion and nation building.


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