Health: Reporting on MonkeyPox, Breathrough Action facilitates the training of content creators

Participants with huge online prescence; Bloggers and Content Creators are engaging in risk communication on a subject MonkeyPox, they had an information exchange, advice and opinions between health experts in a training that opened in Yaoundé on June 12 2023.

It is an initiative of the Zoonoses program with funding from breakthrough action. The program has engaged content creators to sensitize and educate their communities both online and offline, while meeting the goals of the Zoonoses program.

MonkeyPox is a health hazard, a threat to one's survival or social wellbeing. It is for this reason that facilitators have taken turns to give statistics of priority zoonoses in Cameroon. Dr Fouogue Sonna explained that MonkeyPox is airbone and cautions that people should endeavour to check the health state of animals before they are kept as pets.

Antangana Nestor is a public health expert and described how MonkeyPox is manifested in humans, highlighting some of the symptoms that confirms that someone is being infected. Some of these symptoms being; fever pain in muscles, headache, pain in muscles, fatigue amongst others.

"If someone is infected, he/she should take medication or go through treatment for about a month before interacting with the rest of the community . This is no form of stigmatization but will limit the spread of the virus, infection", Dr. Atangana Nestor, facilitator at the training.

Manuela Ngo Bakale represented Breakthough action at the training. She did a presentation on interactive discussions on risk communication, community engagement. Participants were urged to be intensional about communicating in order not to be misunderstood.

Communities affected with zoonosis diseases should be included in the search for solutions, in planning and monitoring strategies. According to Manuela Ngo if this is done, there will be great response and positive feedback from that community.

Participants were thrilled about the lessons about reporting on MonkeyPox. Sandrine Moma and Fawoh Nancy spoke to civiclens.

"I have learnt alot from this workshop. It was quite enriching, I got to know more about zoonoses especially monkey pox whose outbreak has been recorded in Cameroon. From the knowledge gathered, I will through my blog and other social media platforms, sensitize people on this disease and how they can stay safe amidst its outbreak", Sandrine Moma,

"Attending the workshop proved to be an informative experience, as it provided valuable insights on Zoonoses and Mpox in particular. The knowledge gained is expected to significantly enhance my ability to communicate relevant information on the subject matter through my website, Overall, the workshop was a valuable investment of time and effort, and I feel better equipped to contribute to the ongoing discourse on this critical topic", Fawoh Nancy

With the frequent Tweets and other posts on the subject matter across social media platforms, these Bloggers and Content Creators would have met the objectives of the Zoonoses program. 


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