MINJEC in Bafang: Promoting hate free holiday for youths

His working visit to Bafang, West Region of Cameroon dubbed under “citizen and patriotic holidays” the 8th edition organized in response to counter against verbal excesses, hatespeech. He launched activities to mark this day at Haut-Nkam subdivision in the West region of Cameroon. 

Done under the theme; “Holidays without hate speech, for a harmonious living together”, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou on July 13, 2023 was in Bafang to launch an operation on a hate free summer holiday for all youths in that part of Cameroon. 

On May 17, 2023, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Minister of  Communication and the President of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, held a press briefing to raise awareness national opinion on the dangers represented by verbal excesses which are extremely serious for living together and social cohesion.

A penal repression was also announced for the said offences. In the continuity of this government action, Operation "Citizen and Patriotic Holidays 2023" was part of the intensification of the national campaign for civic education and national integration. 

The Minister of Youth affairs and Civic education visited a volunteer camp where he dicivered works done by youths and encouraged them to keep the spirit of volunteerism. 

At the plaza for the activity launch, the director of civic education and national integration, Maha Hadja Ouza Épse Ibrahim, presented the operation as a tool for operationalizing the youth education policy on the scourges that undermine society. She then explained the context, the objective pursued through this activity and the expected results.

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou Express satificaton, visiting Bafang and the importance of the activity for youths who are considered the life wire of the country.

"The denial of hate speech in the context of building Cameroon, is another wake up call for all youths. The phenomenon of young people subject to daily life is the more reason why there is need to banish attitudes of rejection and identity withdrawal in the perspective of peace and harmonious living together."

"We  must fight hate speech. Young people should get closer to the structures and initiatives that are in their favor, to enable them fight this", MINJEC in Bafang. 

The general objective of the operation "Citizen and Patriotic Holidays 2023" is to intensify actions to promote civic values, peace, volunteering, multiculturalism and harmonious living together with young people during the school holidays throughout the national territory. 

Its a way of preventing young people on vacation from falling prey to idleness, immoral, uncivil practices, addictions of all kinds and various manipulations; to strengthen their spirit of responsibility in the face of the resurgence of hate speech and cholera. And also to spend holidays in all citizenship and responsibility. 

The ceremony was also marked by the presentation of certificates to trained young people and leaders of motorcycle taxi drivers' unions; delivery of Biometric Youth Cards; a delivery of awareness kits to E-Volunteers, Community Mediator Volunteers. 


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