Local Administration in NWR: PIC creates working relationship with Senators to serve local population

The Public Independent Conciliator in the Northwest region, Tamfu Simon Fai makes emphasis on the fact that, the PIC comes in to solve problems that emanate between service providers, the council and service users, the population. To him the mission of the Senators and that of the PIC meet in protecting the interest of the local population.

The Senators of the Northwest region had an information serminar on July 14 2023 to understand the role of the PIC in the lives of the local population and how they could blend efforts to ensure that the local population in different councils are better served by the local councils.

"The objective of this serminar with the Senators is to remind ourselves that we have one mission and that mission is the development of the council areas. We have had this information serminar so that we understand our roles very well and build a platform of cooperation to better serve the population of the Northwest region", Tamfu Fair, PIC NW.

Senators too have proposed ideas and asked questions based on how accessible is the PIC to the people, revealing to the PIC that they have received several complaints from different council areas about the working relationship in the councils and with the Mayors.

Senators can propose laws that can improve on proper council functioning. Propose legislative amendments, new legislation to enhance the effective functioning of regional and council authorities.

Liasing efforts with the PIC will be for effective development, to meet the aspirations of the people. The PIC has explained that they have registered 94 complaints, solved 72 amongst which are referral. Yet there exist a few cases that is not in their competence to solve.

Like the farmer - grazier conflict that exist in Menchum Division, stating that there are other legal mechanism to resolve the issue.

"The country is well organized and I don't know why the farmer grazier conflict cannot be solved by the legal mechanism of the country", PIC NW.

Senator Nebah Bridget pose a worry on the management of finances and that there is need for capacity building to avoid misharps.

As far as public management of finances are concerned, the PIC explains that they have been able to talk with the Mayors about good governance. The PIC carried out a survey and discovered most councils were manged as a "one man show", like someone's individual buisness, the reason why the PIc is not relenting to engage Mayors in talks for the people's welfare.

" We have spoken with Mayors about good governance which include managing resource; human and finance, where resources are devolved from the central government. We preach against embezzlement and make sure the Mayors and councils function properly in terms of good governance", PIC NW.

NDI Nelson, human rights expert/ Research officer gave an insight on the substantive mandates of the PIC, what the PIC is concerned with as regards to it's missions. In essence, to
Know what the Senators can do to push forth the goals of the PIC.

The scope of the PIC is limited to regional and council administration, as well as to public services, establishments or enterprises in its area of competence. The PIC has no power or jurisdiction with regard to the operation of the State’s public services.

The PIC is an accessible, democratic authority, within everyone’s reach. The PIC can be contacted by any natural or legal person who considers that his rights and freedoms have been violated by the functioning of the regional or council administration. He may only intervene under specific conditions laid down by law.

The PIC started work on July 8th 2021 and convened several workshops with different stakeholders on capacity building sessions to explain their mission and goals. Meeting with the Senators, voted in office by the people is only to remind themselves that they are at the service of the local population.


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