Inclusion: The Vulnerable community, less privileged in NWRA development plan

Hilda Aluma, Senator from Boyo reminded the President of the NWRA, Prof. Fru Angwafo III about the need need to involve the vulnerable population in every development plan, as they themselves are waiting to see if the institution has taken into consideration their needs before executing projects in any part of the region.

Access to the institution for persons with disabilities is a problem, being a people's house. There is a barrier for persons with special needs to access the Regional Assembly and make their own voices heard. It is also one of the vulnerable groups that suffer more in the course of the Anglophone crisis, more reason why there is need to amplify their voices in the region's development plan.

"The President of the Northwest Regional Assembly and his team are deeply rooted in the process of decentralization. When I look at the report I got, especially on Peace building activities.. I saw the local population is feeling the impact of the Regional Assembly."

"I wish to plead that the vulnerable population shouldn't be left out of the development plan of the region. Leaving no one behind is to build stronger. I got reports on how the peace building activities is instilling confidence in the people to know that they institution is there to serve", Senator Hilda from Boyo.

According to her, there is coexistence between the Regional Assembly and the local authorites, working together to see that roads are being constructed, markets are open, building bridges and schools, hospitals amongst others.

"The Regional Assembly I can say is very instrumental in local communities, but there is need to be inclusive not forgetting the vulnerable population".


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