NWRA June session 2023: Senator Neba Bridget Ndoye speaks on the emancipation of women

Not just because women are one of the vulnerable groups in the course of the crisis plaguing the Northwest and Southwest region, but Senator Neba Ndosiro Bridget Ndoye is placing women first and counting on them for great contributions towards the development of the Northwest region.

The Senator for Mezam - Senator Neba Ndosiro Bridget Ndoye has appreciated the President of the Northwest Regional Assembly, Prof. Fru Angwafo III for the work he is doing to develop the region, yet urged him to created programs to empower women in the region most especially rural women.

Speaking at the 11th ordinary session of the Northwest Regional Assembly that held for 3 days in Bamenda, she emphasized on the need to educate women, the girl child and encourage entrepreneurship. 

"Educating the women is educating the nation. I wish to encourage the President of the Regional Assembly to put more programs on the education of the girl child and the empowerment of the woman. Women empowerment is one of the prerequisites of gender equity and genuine democracy. The President of the NWRA can seek the expertise of some persons from the Ministry of Women Empowerment and the Family to create a gender perspective in the NWRA program and in all other initiative",Senator Bridget Ndoye. 

Speaking as someone who has worked with the Ministry of Women empowerment and family, she described a manual of gender sensitive budgeting which can be emulated in the Northwest Regional Assembly to train and empower some of these women in the region. 

The Senator for Mezam showed appreciation for the efforts the people in Mezam made to send her to parliament and confirmed that work had already started. Describing some of their activities in the June session where some bills were enacted. 

"We enacted a number of bills, about 11 of them. Governance has been given to the base now, to develop our region. I will like to talk on behalf of women. More than half of the population of the world and that of Cameroon is made of women. I wish to encourage female entrepreneurship in the region, as most women are now involved in farming".

The Northwest Regional Assembly can come up with programs to help these rural women in farming, agricultural input. 


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