".. Development should be seen, visible", Ngafesson Emmanuel Bantar

Speaking at the 11th ordinary session of the Northwest Regional Assembly that lasted for 3 days, the former secretary of state for penitentiary, Senator Ngafesson Emmanuel pricked the minds of development stakeholders on the need to be very transparent with public funds.

He pricked the minds of divisional representatives who had finished a work session, deliberating on projects from their communities that will be considered for further implementation. Cautioning on the fact that it is a bad practice to thwart public funds meant for a particular project.

"Development should be seen, visible.. I wish to emphasize on accountability. Any money disbursed and you are in charge, is not your personal money. No matter how little or how big, any budget allocated for a region, must be accounted for to the last franc. Do not work alone as a leader, work as a team, work  with collaborators given to you. No matter how intelligent your are, two heads are better than one. Give accountability, get your collaborators together", Senator Ngafesson Emmanuel Bantar. 

According to him funds allocated for the construction of a borehole shouldn't be used to build a classroom or health centre, no matter how big. He says "this will still land you in problems".

Most often than not, public funds acoording to some Mayors are easily deviated given the zones in which these councils are found. Ngafesson Emmanuel Bantar was speaking at the NWRA based on his experience taking care of the prisons. 


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