Youth empowerment: Young people in wum take up holiday venture at elite's plantation

50 holiday makers from different academic institutions in wum have answered present at the Honorable Wallang Richard Ebua plantation at Kooh, Menchum Division, as way to show gratitude for all that the elite had done, intervening in their education and providing opportunities.

Youths of wum have time without number considered Hon. Wallang Richard Ebua to be that politician who made and is still making several attempts to give youths opportunities to make good use of their talents, serving their community.

According to some of these holiday makers, they are not after money but to show gratitude/love to a leader of aghem land. Their coordinator, Njuh Alain disclosed that about 2 million frs cfa have been set aside by the elite to assist them, youths during back to school preparation.

Their accommodation, feeding and other needs during this period have been taken care of. The elite is not only helping them be useful to themselves during the holidays but also preventing them from indulging in clandestine behaviours/malpractices.

Youths according to Hon. Wallang Richard Ebua deserve a chance, with caution to be patient and steadfast while aiming for success.


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