Wum Council Session: 2023 Projects shaped to generate Income

Mayor of the Wum Council, Dighambong Anthony Mvo revealed during his midterm evaluation council session that some projections for 2023 were geared towards generating income for the council, mentioning that for the investment part of the budget the council is already 75% gone in the 2nd quater of the year, as per the execution rate.

The session held on July 12 2023 in Wum, Menchum Division - Northwest region of Cameroon. The Mayor was pleased to list some of these projects that raised income for the Wum Council; a restaurant, compressed earth bricks workshop, market sheds, council farm amongst others.

The total recurrent Revenue budgeted stands at 397,790,000frs. Total revenue collected stood at 83,455, 830 frs cfa and a percentage collected being 20.98 %. Total investment stood at 600,710,000frs, Additional revenue stood at 95,000,000frs, Total investment revenue stood at 695,710,000frs and total revenue collected at 526,429,096frs cfa, with a percentage of 75.67%.

"..Considering the heavy Investment budget of about five hundred and twenty six million for 2023, more energy is needed from all stake holders. The council executive in collaboration with her staff, are doing a commendable effort to improve on the revenue collection. The booster, improvement in the collection of local revenue is from the newly constructed market sheds in the Wum main market and other avenues..", Mayor Wum Council.

The Mayor of the Wum Council was convinced that with the introduction of the new tax code, the council would be able to accomplish her assigned task.

"..It should be noted that as per the law, for the council to come out with a tax code, the municipal councilors have to deliberate and approve for it to be operational", Mayor Wum Council.

The midterm evaluation session registered the presence of the Senior Divisional Officer, Mr. Abdoulahi Aliou who had a look at the Wum Council's past activities for the last six months; to check areas where work can be improved, taking into consideration shortcomings and strategies to seek for a common ground, that would lead to fufiling goals and purpose in the Wum Municipality.

"There is need for us to debate and adopt a worthwhile economic, social and cultural program for our municipality. We gathered for the ongoing assigned task of a voted budget baptized “The Budget for Local Economic Development and Youth Empowerment” for the 2023 financial year", Mayor Wum Council.

Coming soon will be the sales of the City Builders Cards in a few weeks and the cherished diamond Jubillee.


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