CPDM Militants of Menchum North Constituency renew vows with CPDM party

Militants of menchum II section of the CPDM party met on Saturday August 5 2023 in Zhoa, Fungom subdivision for a joint section conference. It brought together participants from the five zones of the section; zhoa centre, bafmeng ,lower fungom, Weh and Esu.

The conference held under the theme “ consolidation of peace and unity, paving the way for development “ and was strictly supervised by the menchum II section president who doubles as the member of parliament for menchum north constituency.

Hon. Kum John Nji, member of parliament for Menchum North Constituency in his keynote address urged militants to be resilient and have their hopes in the CPDM party. He admitted that thee party hierarchy and leaders, since their last conference held in 2016, a lot has been done by the party elected officials between the period of security upheavals.

Hon. Kum John Nji, section president for menchum II has also congratulated militants for their bravery in withstanding challenging moments during the hit of the crisis and applauded the forces of law and order, the subdivisional administration for efforts in restoring some level of normalcy in the area.

Militants were urged to keep fighting for peace and development, step up their hopes and aspirations towards the party and its current leaders for effective development, join the peace crusade in disarming youths still carrying arms and above all, make back to school 2023/2024 a top priority for all.

The YCPDM and WCPDM presented their agenda for peace and promise to support the government in fighting hate speech and restore normalcy in the section.

The joint section conference that held in fungom subdivision was an opportunity for militants from all five zones to express their worries with hopes to always stay and work in close synergy with their party leaders for effective development.

Some resolutions arrived at were:

- Stand by the Head of State, the party chairman H.E President Paul Biya in his efforts to have peace return in the Northwest region in particular and Cameroon as a whole.

-Promising to collaborate in the ongoing PPRD and above all, appealing to those in the bushes to give peace a chance, lay down their arms and reintegrate into the society in order that development be realistic in the subdivision.

A motion of support addressed to the Head of State President Paul Biya to fully endorse the PPRD and condemn the killings of innocent civilians.

This joint section conference for menchum II section registered massive attendance and with thanks to the enormous collaboration and contribution from the elites and party officials of the section and menchum at large.

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