Official Funeral ceremony of slain delegates: SW Governor describes Seperatists moves as "empty"

Governor of the South West Region, Okalia Bilai has asked those carry guns against the state to do an appraisal of their actions and describe what they have benefitted "since they started killing their own". To the administrator his words describe seperatists moves as empty.

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai put forward the question at the Centenary Stadium in Limbe, Wednesday August 9,2023 during the public funeral organized in honor of the five Delegates from Ndian who were kidnapped, killed and buried by those government sources say were separatist fighters.

These are trophies of separatists. What have they gain since they started killing and destroying their own? It is ironical that those who were pretending to be fighting to protect the lives of their people have demonstrated several times and have done it again today that they are simply criminals holding he population of the South West Region hostage,
indicated the governor.

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai also said President Paul Biya has taken every necessary measures to solve the problems that were raised.

He pointed out that the organization of the major National Dialogue gave birth to institutions that can satisfy both individual and collective political ambitions.

Instead of taking advantage of this, sons and daughters of this region continue to massacre their brothers and sisters in the name of a so called political struggle.
According to government sources, the five delegates were killed and buried by Separatists fighters in Ndian under the command of self-proclaimed general named ‘ten kobo’ whom a repentant separatist fighter said died from bullet wounds long ago.

Their bodies were exhumed recently thanks to information gotten from one of the repentant Amba fighters who is also reported to have led security forces to where the victims were buried.

Anti war campaigners have also not stop preaching the gospel of what they describe as a genuine dialogue which they believe is the best way out of the seven year old conflict that has brought nothing but agony to the population.

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