Celebrating International Day of Peace: Youth Affairs Minister boost morals on students in schools

On the occasion of the 42nd International Day of Peace, celebrated on September 21, 2023 in Douala, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou launched awareness and mobilization activities among young people, for the promotion peace in schools throughout the national territory. 

By this activity, the Minister expressed desire to lead Cameroonian youth towards the development of the country and the promotion of Peace values ​​under the theme: “action in favor of peace: our ambitions for the global goals”.

This commemoration took place in a context where Cameroon has been facing multiple security and humanitarian challenges since 2013.

 In particular the barbaric and murderous acts of the Boko Haram sect in the Far North; the effects of repetitive socio-political crises in the Central African Republicsince 2003, having major impacts in Cameroon; the stagnation of the socio-political crisis in the English-speaking regions of the North West and South West since 2016; as well as the resurgence of intercommunity tensions amid the struggle for access and control of natural resources.

The country is also faced with disinformation among young people through Information and Communication Technologies, in this case the proliferation of messages inciting hatred, tribalism, intolerance. The International Day of Peace was an opportunity for all Cameroonians to join the international community to affirm their commitment to peace.

The civic minute in schools was an agenda of the day, in addition, a vast campaign to mobilize and raise awareness among young people for peace is being organized in educational structures. This involved furnishing young people with need  toll get involved in the day's celebration. 

The launching held in Douala, as the Deputy mayor of Douala City Council, Madame Ndombe Moukouko said; “Our city is committed to being a haven of peace for all national and international communities.” The authorities of the city known as the economic hub responded favorably to MINJEC's call for peace by erecting a mascot reserved for peace at the centre part of town. 

The director of the UNESCO regional office, Paul Raymond Coustère, who reads the message from the UN Secretary General, deploring the scourges that undermine such as conflicts, deadly fires and floods. 

His message reminded the audience that peace is not automatic and invites the crowd to take action using tools such as diplomacy, dialogue and collaboration, all means of defuse tensions and put an end to conflict.

The Youth Affairs Minister, Mounouna Foutsou, specified that the celebration of the International Day of Peace was a manifestation of a common aspiration to put an end to the unnecessary suffering caused by armed conflicts.

To him "there is an opportunity for all Cameroonians, particularly young people, to join the government, as well as the national and international community to carry out actions favorable to the recovery and development of peoples", and the advent of  a real desire and know-how to live together harmoniously.

This peace commemoration day launched in the city of Douala was followed by round tables; poster campaigns and other forms of awareness-raising, organized throughout the national territory and will continue until the end of month. 

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