Mutzig Masterclass Program: Training Journalists on best to blend music and Journalism

Over 20 journalist; Newspaper, web and audiovisual have an interest in culture, precisely music working in different media organs from across 5 regions of Cameroon; Center Region, Littoral Region , West Region, South Region and North West region.

They came to participate in the Mutzig Master Class program on September 17, 2023 in Yaoundé with the theme: "Les clés de décyptage d'une oeuvre musicale" translated as “The keys to deciphering a musical work”.

During this session organized by Mutzig (A Beer brand from Les Biosson du Cameroon) and Well’Done communications agency, four experts; Victorien Essonno, Paul Mahel , Monica Nkodo and Marion Obam drilled the participants on the process of creating a musical work and the elements that allow it to be brought to the public.

The techniques needed for collecting, processing and writing a report, an interview, a reading note and a listening note for a musical work, was also reveled to participants.

Marion Obam, the General Director of the Well’Done Communication Agency also National president of the SNJC, Cameroon Journalists Trade Union.

"The training session offered to Journalists with a pitch in culture was a masterclass with an objective to train cultural Journalists and permit them have tools to decipher between music and culture, how to treat information on culture".

Larissa Ndjakomo who has been a presenter and producer of a cultural program "Djabama" radio for 08 years on Kalak FM 94.5.

"I was confronted with the decryption of a musical work. It is not an easy exercise because it requires a good general knowledge and enough passion for music and journalism.

It is necessary to know the history of music, the styles of music, the professions of music, the Cameroonian musical environment.

It's a lot of work but it's still exhilarating because in the links of the chain, we make a significant contribution to the construction of musical art in Cameroon and especially to its professionalization".

Paul Mahel during the session adjured participants to have a passion for music, know and understand the intention of the artist, their context , their origin, the theme and more. He equally advised that they should be objective in their writing, avoid being cliché in their work amongst other things.

It's worth noting that Mutzig the one of the organising partners, is a beer brand which promotes Cameroonian music , prepare artist for stardom amidst others and it has been doing so through Caravane Mutzig, Mutzig Bold tour , Mutzig master class and Mutzig Star

Bamenjo Petronilla in Yaounde 

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