2023 Annual Activity Report: PIC NW flags Councils championing unethical practices

The Public Independent Conciliator, Mr. TAMFU Simon FAI holding 2023 Annual Activity Report 

In a significant development, the Public Independent Conciliator for the North-West Region released its 2023 Annual Activity Report which provided insights on surveys conducted, achievements, challenges, and recommendations.

The report highlights the role played by the Public Independent Conciliator (PIC) in making sure that good services are rendered by councils to the population, void of discrimination and marginalisation, and in respect of human rights .

According to the PIC Mr Tamfu Simon on the 5th of march 2024, " We launched a very aggressive campaign for the issuance of free birth certificates, free death certificates and free Marriage certificates and this was a success"

"It was also a very significant year because we received a record number of 48 complaints and we solved about 40, which is a record for us.In addition to going out and preaching good governance, we in the office did our job of attending to the complaints of our people", Mr. TAMFU Simon FAI

One of the highlights in the report is the PIC's efforts to enhance local good governance, fairness and accountability. The office of the PIC undertook information gathering (through a survey) on the functioning as well as the perception of the population of the regional and council services.

Over 7842 questionnaires were sent out and 3484 returned and the statistics revealed unethical conducts.

"....bribery, and corruption: 86% of those who participated in the survey in Wum council , 70% in Njinikom council, and 63% Bamenda II said their councils were leading. On extortion, Wum council (58%),Ndop(57%), and Kumbo(54%) of the responders faulted the councils for high rate of bribery, corruption, and extortion".
Other areas where Mayors were found wanting by their population as indicated by the results of the survey have to do with Unfair taxation, Trespass to land/property:

"Unfair taxation: Ako(83%), Elak (57%) and Ndop(57%). Trespass to land/property: Furu-Awa (46%), Andek (38%), and Bamenda I, (32%) of the population said it was alarming.

In the area of Misappropriation /mismanagement of resources, Mr. Tamfu said 60% of those who took part in the exercise in Njinikom, 45% of those in Zhoa and and 39% of persons in Misaje weren't happy with their councils.

52% of individuals in Ako, 41% in Furu-Awa, and 40% in Njinikom said their municipal councils were raising the flag on harassment by council workers.

The Annual Activity Report also sheds light on the challenges faced by the PIC. The high insecurity in North West, the late disbursement of the Subvention of the Office of the Public Independent Conciliator.

To address this, the PIC collaborated with 70 trained Community based assistants and experts in various fields who were ready to work with them while awaiting the Subvention.

Looking ahead, the PIC made recommendations to stakeholders , that is the Regional and Council Services, the Office of the Public Independent Conciliator and the Government.

The Annual Activity Report of the Public Independent Conciliator highlights it's significant contributions in resolving disputes and promoting harmony in society. With its commitments to good governance, accountability and fairness.

The Public Independent Conciliator and the three Research Officers

The Public Independent Conciliator, Pressmen and women

The Public Independent Conciliator is a new state Institution born out of the special status within the context of decentralization to assist councils and the population in settling disputes and finding amicable solutions. It acts as a neutral mediator, facilitating communication and negotiation between councils and the population. 

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