Health: Bali Cultural Association USA Donates Ambulances to District Hospital

The ongoing Anglophone Crisis has so far caused untold suffering in Bali, found in Mezam Division of the North West Region. Despite the difficulties and pains faced by the people of Bali they have remained resilient. 

The rural exodus witnessed in some communities of the region had the indigenes of these areas turn the difficulties faced into success stories.

Bali Cultural Association USA branch decided to look back home and give back to their community. The need accessment done in that community revealed that the population needed quality health care services. The district hospital had need for an ambulance to provide access and quality health services to the Bali community.

The D.M.O saluted the initiative of the BCA USA branch which to him is the beginning of a new era and giving back to the community and giving back to humanity at such times.

He clearly told others to give to their communities by doing something significant and giving quality health care to the people. He promised that the services of the ambulances will take care of all and sundry to bring about the change each and everyone wants and deserves.

Speaking on behalf of the president of the Bali Cultural Association USA branch headed by Ba. Dr. Joe Fomukong, representative of BCA USA, Charles Fombutu detailed out the aspirations of the President of BCA USA in providing the ambulances for the health of the people. 

The aim of the association is to foster the developmental needs of the population. Given that health is wealth, BCA USA took the initiative to donate two ambulances for the upgrading of services delivered to the population.

The hopes are that the ambulances serve the need it is to be used for. Charles Fombutu told all and sundry to be proactive to support each other's health care. He saluted the hospital staff through the hard work of the director of the district hospital and encouraged them to continue serving humanity.

"We are sure that as according to the sustainability plan, the ambulances will be well managed by the hospital." Charles Fombutu said while adding that the ambulances will greatly aid the population and the hospital to cater for their health situations given that in the past, patients died as a result of lack of means to be transfered for medical assistance.

"There's a lot in package for the community, and the hospital. This is just the beginning as we plan to plant a solar panel among other projects in the pipeline." Charles Fombutu reiterated.

Having an impact to save lives, Ba Nyamsick, representative of Bandeca used the opportunity to laud BCA USA branch and saluted the level of appreciation dished out after receiving such gifts, as they promised to donate more to the hospital in the days ahead.

The President general of Nkumu FedFed, Eunice Tita Tata reiterated that as a key development partner of BCA USA, Nkumu FedFed stands tall to the development of Bali. 

She noted was the second time that Bali community is witnessing such greatness over 20 years ago. She challenged all to love each other for peace to reign and donated the sum of 100.000frs for the ambulance sustainability.

Rev Festus Ntangei on behalf of the clergy, emphasized that BCA USA branch has not only aided the community at this time, but has always stood by the population as they saw that back to school is a reality in Bali with the donation of school didactics. 

"We should stop killing one another. All Bali people are one another's keeper. If we have differences, we should sit as one to solve them for our common good." Rev. Festus Ntangei said.

Providing the technicalities of the ambulances for the use of the Bali district hospital, the Director, Kamilou Ibrahim, highlighted that "...these are not just simple ambulances but medicalised ambulances with equipment that can safely transport the patients. 

This will greatly reduce mortality in Bali and also improve the care given to patients as well as getting to near standard. It is a significant addition to our health care services that will change a lot of health indicators according to the prescription of the minister of public health."

The challenges faced by the Bali district hospital as highlighted by the director of the hospital, Kamilou Ibrahim, ranges from lack of electricity, water, infrastructure which is not worth of a district hospital, problem of staffing.

The ambulances are equipped with the basic medical needs a patient can need with a standard bed, water system, AC, lighting system, first aid kit box, ECG adaptation, drug bag, safety box, carer space, incubation machines, resuscitation machines among others.

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