Mr Kamga Charles was born on the twelfth of September nineteen sixty (12/09/1960) in DJIOMGHUO (Poumougne). He attended primary school in BANDJOUN, obtaining the CEPE in nineteen seventy-four (1974). He then proceeded for Secondary Education to C.E.S. de Bafoussam and Lycée Technique de Yaoundé obtaining the BEPC, Probatoire and Baccalauréat Certificates in nineteen seventy-six (1976), nineteen seventy-eight (1978) and nineteen seventy-nine (1979) respectively. 
After obtaining his Baccalauréat Certificate, Mr. KAMGA Charles embraced higher Education and obtained the Probatoire du Diplôme d’Etudes Comptables Supérieures in nineteen eighty-three (1983). He further obtained from the University of Yaoundé in nineteen eighty-four (1984), a Bachelors Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma both in Economics.
In the same year, he gained admission into cycle “A” of ENAM from where he graduated as an Administrative Officer in the year nineteen eighty-six (1986). He was posted to the Ministry of Territorial Administration where he served in the following capacities: 
 - November nineteen eighty-six (Nov 1986) to September nineteen eighty-eight (Sept 1988): Support staff at the Department of Penitentiary Administration; 
- September nineteen eighty-eight (Sept 1988) to November nineteen ninety-one (Nov 1991): First Assistant S.D.O. of MBÉRÉ;
- November nineteen ninety-one (Nov 1991) to July nineteen ninety-three (July 1993): First Assistant S.D.O. of VINA;
- July nineteen ninety-three (July 1993) to September nineteen ninety-five (Sep 1995): D.O. of NGAOUNDÉRÉ;
- September nineteen ninety-five (Sep 1995) to August two thousand (Aug 2000): D.O. of TUBAH;
- August two thousand (Aug 2000) to November two thousand and three (Nov 2003): D.O. of BAMENDA;
- November two thousand and three (Nov 2003) to July two thousand and six (July 2006): D.O. of FUNDONG;
- July two thousand and six (July 2006) to July two thousand and eight (July 2008): D.O. of BABADJOU;
- July two thousand and eight (July 2008) to October two thousand and twelve (Oct 2012): S.D.O. of DJEREM;
- From October two thousand and twelve (Oct 2012) to July twenty seventeen (July 2017), Mr. KAMGA Charles was S.D.O. of NYONG and MFOUMOU. 
- From the third of July twenty seventeen (July 2017) till the seventh October twenty nineteen (Oct 2019), he was Senior Divisional Officer for Menchum,where he served for 2years 2monthd and 16days,until October 16th when he hands off The Division to the Incoming SDO, Mr Abdoulahi Aliou.
He is a Super Scale Senior Administrative Officer, married and a father of six (06) children.
Ndefru Melanie.

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