"To Challenge the Enemy, there should be love in the House" Mayor Wum Council.

Following the series of event that unraveled in Menchum Division, amidst the ongoing Armed Conflict, a cross section of people representing different communities in Menchum, have sat in a Crisis meeting on October 18th, 2019 convened by the Mayor of Wum Council to discuss a way forward,for Peace to be restored.

The Meeting holds in the early hours of the day,after news of Mr Ikom Polycarp's death the Ex Amba fighter,filtered in to the ears of those who answered present. His death,adding to a number of killings, destruction and other grievances within Menchum became the agenda of the meeting.

The Convenor, Mayor Dighambong Anthony of Wum Council together with his close collaborators,The Senator for Menchum,Honorable Buh Sule Tegha and The Honorable Member of Parliament, Hon Wallang Richard and ,assured those in attendance that it was a step to carry the Division forward so that Peace could return and inhabitants could begin to enjoying the harmony that is long desired.

They pleaded with those called to the meeting,to be frank in other to reach firm resolutions that will be implemented with the collaboration of the people within the community.After exchanges, resolutions were met,to ease the activities of the people while ensuring security.

Resolutions met, revolved around recent happenings in Menchum,especially in Wum Central with most of the ideas centered around the Farmer-Grazier conflict that had long existed, The incident that happened in Upkwa village, requesting people to return and other conflicts that generated from the Aku community that affects livelihood in Wum.
Proposals on vigilante groups to be formed, exonerating persons who have been tagged as "Amba fighters" and also tasking elected officials to do investigations on other general recommendations, were mentioned, which represented the plight of the people.
 The Paralegal officer for MBOSCUDA in Menchum Division,Mr Harouna Umaru finds the meetings very promising and filled with hope.
"The days ahead will be very bright because it is only with peace that we can do anything on earth,without peace we cannot progress and from the cream of people in attendance and resolutions taken,if implemented,things will be better". Mr Harouna said.

Mr Kumchi Dominique,an elite and the Political Leader of UNDP,said the meeting was timely,considering that he is one of those who has lived and witnessed atrocities committed in the village which resulted to panic.

" I believe very strongly that this meeting has come at the right time,together we will sort out those enemies within the municipality and life will certainly return to normal." He said.
"It is not normal that we live among our brother,facing a common problem which is the armed conflict, then we begin to fight ourselves which has resulted to several killings.We remain hopeful and prayerful,that this meeting will reinforce Peace and Unity in the Division." Mr Kumchi Dominique added.
The Mayor of Wum Council, appreciated all who answered present, which according to him showed signs that the people in Menchum are still very ready to work hard and together so that long lasting Peace is restored.
Ndefru Melanie


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