IDPs In Bamenda Receive Aid while Expressing Feelings to Return Home.

Humanitarian  assistance has been received by over 400 famillies in the Bamenda, during a distribution excerise  done on November 22nd 2019 at The Governor's office.

The Distribution under the supervision of the Team from Yaounde, led by Mr Anchang Paul, closely assisted by the Chief of the humanitarian centre,In Bamenda, served displaced families with Matrass, buckets, blankets, Davon, oil, rice and the sum of 10,000frs as transport. 

The Humanitarian aid distribution  chaired by the Secetary General at the Governor's Office,  Mr Viang Mekala representing the Governor of the Northwest Region,  Adolphe Lele LAfrique, insisted that recipients must understand the message behind the distribution of these basics needs, provided by Government through the Ministry of Territorial Administration.

"You all must understand  clearly the message for the distribution  of humanitarian  assistance, it is a special kit from the Head of State,President Paul Biya, to give support and show compassion towards those affected by the ongoing armed conflict in the Region, so when receiving the aid, know that the Head of State is doing all to see to it that, the crisis ends. " Mr. Viang Mekala said. 

He urges them to make good use of the material received and refrain from selling any,as it may be the case with some displaced persons, seeking other means of survival.

The Chief of the Cordination Centre for humanitarian  assistance, for the Northwest Region,  is introduced to recipients, with reasons that more people visit the Governor's office seeking where to register for the aid but don't have information on directives.

These displaced persons are grateful about the support received from Government, yet, request that more be done, so that they can return to their different homes while smiling, to enjoy the Peace they long for.

"I am happy about the items received because we do not have  anything, we have been running from Noni and my Junior brother has been killed I'm the process. I need Peace and I wish that the crisis  ends, we are 8 In a house,  we barely manage to survive and sometimes, we drink Harris. " Miss Esther Bih, one of the recipients. 

A lady who's name The Guardian Post got as Judith, Is grateful recievig aid, yays emphasis on the anxiety to return to school and the reasons behind the recent frequent irregularities.

"I am grateful about the basic needs I have recieved, but am worried because I don't go to school on a daily basis.I plead on Government to assist us, take a step forward  so that we can go to school. Teachers receive threats on a daily basis, are being kidnapped and these are reasons why they are not regular on school" she said. 

" we are 6 of us in a house, we ran from Bambili to Ntasen and things were not getting any better before we settled at upstation, getting a place to live here was a greater challenge. We plead on the Government to Help us, we want to go home". Miss Judith added. 


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