Vigilante Groups Beckoned to Work with Administrative Authorities

The Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique,  chaired a Regional Coordination Security meeting on November 18th 2019, ahead of End of year activities and to ensure a successful implementation  of the electoral process.

The Administrative and Security Authourities review the situation within the Economic, Social, Cultural  and Security domain, to confirm that there are still security challenges  in some hot spots of the region. 

Inhabitants of the city could still get gunshots, people being killed and a timid atmosphere for some kids to return to school, and the Governor assures the population that there is a plan put in place to secure the Region during this end of year celebrations and upcoming municipal/Legislative elections. 

"Elections Cameroon assured us of measures being taken being taken before elections, some will be addressed at the local level and other concerns sent to the hierachy"The Governor of the Northwest. 

" I call on all candidates  and electoral to mobilize themselves under administrative  authorities  and use vigilante  Groups to ease the task of the security  services that are taking care of the city, and other remote areas. " He added. 

Though calm is returning gradually in some areas of the Region, the Governor continues continues to make the call, asking all Traditional Rulers and Elites to return to their home, so that the Peace process can be attained smoothly. 

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