NCPBM Moves Closer to the People in the Northwest Region

The National Commission for Bilingualism  and Multiculturalism has on Tuesday November 19th,visited the Northwest Region to identify a suitable premise and evaluate their office to host it's Regional  branch,expected to go operational in 2020.

Their mission to prospect for possible premise for the regional branch, is a decision that was arrived at as one of the resolutions of the first ordinary session 2019 chaired by its President H. E Peter Mafany Musonge. 

The National Commission created by a decree on January 23rd 2017, as an advisory  body with legal personality in financial autonomy, has existed and carried out functions at the level of the Nation's capital,Yaounde but has recently made a decision of making it's first stop in the Northwest  Region, following the emphasis laid by the Head of State,President Paul Biya during his new Mandate, to accelerate the promotion of bilingualism  and multiculturalism, as a means of living together. 

The Secretary General at the Governor's  office for the Northwest, Mr Viang Mekala says the Commission had long existed and it's establishment at the Level of the Region is only bringing the services closer to the people. 

"A letter received from Yaounde, asking the Governor to look for a place to lodge the national commission  for Bilingualism  and Multiculturalism, the Regional branch  will be installed at the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education, so as to make the services close to the population" SG said. 

"The Regional head and Staff will be installed in the days ahead and will start work, therefore the mission of the commission is to have effective  presence at the level of the Region".He added. 

Dr Che Asafor, Head of the national Commission says the
Delegation of Secondary Education facility, is befitting to host the office at the Regional level.

"The Authorities of the Northwest Region, The Governor,  has mobilized the services concerned to make an inventory of structures that can house the Regional Services of the National Commission for the promotion  of bilingualism  and multiculturalism. This structure had need to be lit in place, so that the office go operational in 2020." Head of National Commission 

Amongst the duties of the Commission, it is expected to Submit  reports to promote Bilingualism and multiculturalism as objectives  to the Head of State,  Monitor implementation  of both Languages  in all Sectors,  and also propose measures to Strengthen Cameroon's Bilingualism  and Multiculturalism. 

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