Population Urged to Work In Synergy with Hysacam to Secure A Clean Environment

The Management of Hysacam has embarked on a clean up campaign exercise on November 24th 2019 after some irregularity due to the prevailing situation in the city of Bamenda.

The Exercise dubbed "Operation Keep Bamenda Clean", calls on the people of Bamenda to cooperate in the sanitation aspects of the city, as the Director of Hysacam Mr Zaumu Joseph tells the Press that 2019 has been a year filled with challenges. 

Many people In Bamenda have encountered difficulties coping with the odour oozing from the heap of dirt, piled at major junctions within the town and traders selling around the refuse dump or trash cans confirm that they have had health challenges. Though a refuse dump, it was a habitat for some mental people within the town. 

Some of the traders around the Nkwen market cried foul about the challenges they faced due to the pile of dirt around their market place, which had occupied a good space creating Inconvinience with road passage, which resulted to customers to move further  away from the area of dirt  to purchase their goods.

"The dirt became an convenience for us, gradually passage for vehicles was no longer there, Business was slow, water sometimes will run from the heap of dirt down to our market place. Seeing this men in their work attire this morning coming to pick up the dirt is a relief",A woman selling at the Nkwen Market. 

" The stench from the dirt has caused some health challenges which I have deviced a few preventive messures to stay healthy. we have not been able to mobilize to carry the dirt or dispose of it because the town is littered with dirt and everywhere is filled. We pray that Hysacam has come to stay, especially during this festive period, because by carrying this dirt, we will have enough space to exhibit our goods and customers will buy freely." A Man, selling at the Nkwen Market. 

The Director of Hysacam,Mr Zaumu Joseph says there has been a challenge with the issue of Landtittles and this is one of the reasons for the irregularity in work. 

"2019 had been a troublesome year for Hysacam in Bamenda and we had series of events that has stopped us from irking sometimes. Reccomendations arrived at a session in July at the City Council, couldn't be examined due to the prevailing situation  in town. We had issues with Landtittles  that could not be exploited. " Mr Zaumu Joseph 

He raised the issue of the dumping site which according to him made work challenging. 

"A Municipal Order was signed by the Government Delegate indicating  we could use swamps in Mulang to dump but faced another challenge, then we went to Mbelewa, where we face another issue then we stopped. Mbelewa is the dumpsite earmarked in the contract and that is where we have gone back today. " He added. 

Managing dirt in Bamenda had become a great challenge for city dwellers, and Hysacam says they are not responsible to teach the public to manage their dirt, but the responsibility  of the Council to do so. Hysacam feels that with the coming of the dry season, aiborne diseases will spread faster and finds they need to clean the town. 

"Teaching the Community to manage dirt is not the duty of Hysacam, but the councils. Hysacam has as duty to collect garbbage from the People. With the Coming of the dryseason we feel the pinch of what the population  goes through,  flies everywhere  with airborne diseases, we find it necessary to start again and this time we home to carry out our duties  to the end of the year, hoping that 2020 will be better. " Director of Hysacam. 

The Director of Hysacam pleads with the population to accompany them in securing cleanliness within the city of Bamenda

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