Social Media was meant To Connect Friends, Not fight War, says Colbert Gwain

Some Journalists,  tagged Digital Rightists have participated In a brief work session on November 25th 2019, to express interest in bringing Youths across linguistic  and cultural  lines together, as part of the Internews Project,  the Dialogue  Now Campaign. 

The Rightists met for an activity within the framework of the Dignity Television Project, which has as objective to reach out to Youths and Communities, to bridge the gap and overcome the challenge face in Communication, enforcing the tolerance Syndrome. 

The CEO of the Project, Dignity Television,  Mr Colbert Gwain says there is need for making good use of the internet to realise sustainable Development Goals. Highlighting the importance  of Communication  between internet users and also adressing the difficulties faced by some users communicating with those  they don't agree with. 

The workshop served as a clarion call for users to carefully choose what to post online, and verify what kind of information communities should be fed with. Accepting criticisms  of users and be Digital Right models to be cautious about content shared online. 

" we are the most connected generation  yet the most divided, in terms of Religion, culture, language, tribe. we need to understand  why this, and overcome the challenge. " Colbert Gwain, Digital Rights Advocate  and Owner of the Dignity Television  Project. 

He makes strong statements about the Bill passed in parliament against Hatespeech, and say,Digital Righters should sign a petition against it. 

"why should the Government be posting a bill on social media activism, adressing structures  that are not available. putting a Digital Rights Bill, with no Bill protecting internet in Cameroon. Government  did not provide social media but has as a responsibility to accompany  every Cameroonian to realise fully their potential  in this Domain ".He added

According  to the Project Owner and CEO of the Dignity Television  Project, the mustard seed will Be legalized, when the problem plaguing the Northwest and Southwest Region must have been laid to rest. Having its network spread across Cameroon,because most people are going  digital and by this the Project will record a success. 

Accompanied by Mr Blasuis Charles and Madam Roseline Obah, who played roles to facilitated the session on Peace Dynamics and hatespeech, participants gained knowledge on the violation of Human Rights on the online space also know  as digital Rights, and to handle the reactions of perpetrators maturely in order to have a conflict free community. 

"we have been carrying out slot of Campaigns, slot of capacity building, creating awareness over the media so that people look at conflicts in different  dimensions.workshops like this gives to for encouragement  so that people change the narrative,coinv together as one man to save this conflict " Madam Roseline Obah, CCMN President Northwest and West. 

"This begins from affirming that we have differences,respect them and transform them in construvtive ways. Value negative responses online or offline,  educate them and this will in a way deescalate the conflict".She added. 

Participants  engaged in an exercise with Madam Rose Obah who is also a trainer in Conflict transformation, instilling in them knowledge on how to manage conflict and resolving conflict amicably. 


Mr Blasuis Charles, says there must be caution implored before posting content online.

"let us be responsible  in our social media platforms in connection  to hatespeech and be cautious on what we post,becauss the content will be traced. To combat hatespeech, we must educate those promoting it, to edify them. If we ignore them, the impact can be huge on users. " Mr Blasuis Charles, Consultant and facilitator.

All hands raised against  cyber bullying as Digital  Righters continue to put efforts together to fight negative responses online or Offline, genuine to contribute in deescalating  the crisis  plaguing the Northwest and Southwest Region. 


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