Bamenda City Mayor Promises Hygenic Town During First Ordinary Session.

The Bamenda City Council, held its first Ordinary session of the Bamenda City Council Board, under the Leadership of the City Mayor, in Bamenda, to form and Install committees to steer activities of the City Council Henceforth.

"Our Priority is to have a City of Bamenda Boyant and that we should be proud of", speaking at the opening of the Session, the City Mayor, Achumbang Tambeng Paul calls on the high sense of commitment from all city councilors to make Hygiene and sanitation of town top priority.

The Session had in attendance over 93 councilors drawn from Bamenda 1, 2 and 3 councils, amongst whom were chosen the Chair, Vice and Secretaries to form different committees. The City Mayor expressed joy to be pioneer City Mayor hoping to change the city in terms of development

"As pioneer city Mayor of this city, I am very much aware of the fact that, I am enjoying the priviledge of an elected city Mayor and I also take note of the fact that you all are elected city Councilors voted by the people, my administration and yours is going to focus on the well being of the people who mandated us to be here". City Mayor declared.

Four committees were put in place to manage the affairs of the City Council: Finance,Social and Welfare, work and transport and other purpose committee, with top priority concerns outline by the City Mayor, Achumbang Tambeng Paul.

"Enforcing sanitation, addressing the situation with collective action, to avoid another outbreak of disease, is very important" he mentioned.

The City Mayor talked about opening new roads and repairing existing ones, work out strategy to ensure constant supply of water and an alternative supply of energy, incase of any lapses from Eneo. Improve on the security of our citizens, Alleviate poverty, Reconciling the community, emphasizing on Reconciling the council and the People, so that bother work in synergy for a better city.

The Secretary to the Work and Transport Committee expressed the need for the Council and the people to be reconciled, so that work could progress smoothly, because it is in synergy goals will be met and success will be recorded. 

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