COHESODEC hands Didatic Material worth over 2million to Beneficiaries

An NGO, Community Helath and Social Development for Cameroon, with the acronym COHESODEC, has symbolically handed capitazion grants, in form of didatic material to some beneficiary schools shortlisted by UNESCO, on June 2nd 2020.

Speaking at their head office, the Coordinator of COHESODEC, Chenwi Elvis Fuh said, the items worth over 2 million Francs, have been made available to pupils and teachers of Catholic School Mendankwe and Catholic school Ntenefor Upstation, Bamenda, to improve on the teaching and learning process of the schools.

Items including, books, pens, textbooks, typewriter, computer and benches have been handed to 2 schools shortlisted by UNESCO through COHESODEC.

"This capitazion grants, will go a long way to alleviate porverty and improve on the plight of the children in these schools who are in dying need of didatic material and equipment." Coordinator of COHESODEC told The Guardian Post.

He throws more light on an activity carried out by the NGO, not forgetting to mention the great challenges faced as a result of the health crisis, Covid-19.

"COHESODEC has carried out community based project , having over 45community learning spaces within Mezam, about 42 are functional though not to full capacity because of the deadly Pandemic, Covid-19." He added.

Speaking to the beneficiaries of the items, they expressed satisfaction and told press that the donation was timely.

The Head teacher of Catholic school Ntenefor,Tangie Helen Ngu, situated at Upstation Bda, told press " my school is represented to benefit from the capitation grants given by UNESCO through COHESODEC, which will go a long way to improve our teaching and the learning process of the children and it will also be of great help to the IDP Children who are coming to school without writing material" She said.

A representative from Catholic school Mendankwe, Ngati Muguh George, expressed delighted recieving "writing materials and benches, from UNESCO through COHESODEC,  these material are coming in good time and with the IDPs coming to our school and with the desire to learn, these items recieved will be of great need, we on our part will do our jobs effectively to ensure that the materials are put into use" he said.

The items were handed to beneficiaries by Wandi Mabel Beikeh, National Project officer, representing UNESCO in the Northwest Region.


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