Northwest Teachers Reinforce Capacities on E-Teaching.

A team of National Inspectors from the Ministry of Basic Education have visited teachers in the Northwest Region to share experiences, after teaching on radio and Television, as part of measures put in place following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Speaking at a 4days capacity building workshop at Upstation Bamenda, which began on June 10th 2020, The Inspector Coordinator of Basic Education Northwest Region, Wilson Baniyeh, said the exercise was necessary especially as it comes at " the heels of the restricting opening of the third term".

" The Ministry has organised and sent out a team to work with teachers in the different regions to get and share experiences on E-teaching while improving on teachers' ability to use audio- visual methods of teaching", he told The Guardian Post.

The capacity building workshop also aims at training teachers to be able produce lessons which will be used or broadcast over community radios.

He emphasized that the E- teaching and E-learning process was carried out through television and radio, to give pupils of the different schools and those in the exam classes, "a continuous classroom like condition" during the period of the school shutdown.

The workshop is expected to reinforce the abilities of teachers in distant teaching, while providing resources to accompany the learner's during this Covid-19 period.

At the end of the training, after these days of intense activities, teachers would have been reminded on the implementation of the new curricula for the nursery and the primary, and are expected to be equiped with the necessary methodology of production and exploitation of lessons through radio and many others.

In order to help the children succeed during this period, the Inspector of Basic Education Northwest Region thinks " it is necessary to come up with Intermidary lessons for exam classes and other pupils". He added.

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