MPs Involve the Media in Reconstructing NWR

Some Senators and other members of Parliament have made a strong point on the need for Community Radios to be strengthened, in order to succeed in the Marshal plan put forth by the Head of State, President Paul.

Speaking at a working session of the National Coordinator for the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development of the Northwest region, on June 24th, Senator Regina Mundi said, there was need to get the media involved in the reconstruction process of the region.

"We need to have our Radio Stations, our local radios, considered in the reconstruction process and also strengthen the Local Newspapers, especially those papers whose editorial is geared towards rebuilding this region and bringing Peace." Senator Regina Mundi.

Her ideas were supported by the National Coordinator who confirmed that, it was important for the media in the Northwest to cover his working visit on the subject matter, so that " the skills of Journalists must have been sharpened and will be more versed on what content to disemminate" he said.

This idea of Senator Regina Mundi comes at a time when the Media in the Northwest Region plays a mediating role between the people and the Government.

Journalists on their own path have expected the Government to begin the reconstructing process by getting the media involved, given that they understand the realities on the ground and can better communicate, for the PPRD initiative to be accepted and recieved by the people of the Northwest.

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