GP-DERUDEP Examines State of Projects in NWR

The Execution of Projects within the NWR in the phase of the Ongoing Anglophone crisis continuous to be a huge challenge and this is one of the Major reasons why GP-DERUDEP held a meeting to sort a way forward

The 14th Steering Committee of GP-DERUDEP held to discuss the progress report of GP-DERUDEP phase 2 and audit report of projects; the life and progress of projects allocated for the Northwest Region.

The Northwest region has suffered loss in development activities for about 4years, due to the ongoing political crisis. The armed conflict has caused technicians to flee from focus, visiting sites on the field and inspecting projects.

On the occasion of the 14th steering Committee of GP-DERUDEP phase 2 held to look at the state and realisations made to the project during the last steering committee meeting.

The Governor cautioned "delays or rejections at the level of donors,can be catastrophic for the project; examining audit reports eases it's Visa in the bank for quick approval and permits project financing to continue flowing" he said.

The Governor of the Northwest region noted that eventhough, the project has faced challenges in realizing recommendations to streamline execution, he assured the project Coordinator and team of his availability, to facilitate the execution of projects during this challenging times.


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