Over 48 billion Cfa allocated For NWR, Despite Innovations in 2021 Budget

Head of Mission for the 2021 Budget

The Head of Mission Donatus Nji Taboh Achu has revealed that over 48 billion of the 2021 budget has been allocated to the North West Region, representing 10% of the global budget and a 7% increase as of last year.

"To attend the objectives of implementing the state budget, all actors and stakeholders in the execution of the budget should master the innovations of the 2021 finance bill" Donatus Nji Taboh Achu.

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NW Administration, Team from Yde, Regional Council President (from left to right)

He was speaking at the launching of the budget for the 2021 fiscal year in the Northwest Region, which held at MINEPAT hall January 12 2021, in the presence of actors and stakeholders concerned with the execution of the the state budget.

SG, Governor's Office NWR

The Head of Mission talked about being in the 2nd phase of vision 2035, with the development objective for the nation being the amelioration of living conditions of the population.

"With the coming of decentralization, Regional Councils have being put in place, meaning there will be a transfer of competence and resources which will reach the grassroots."Donatus Nji Taboh Achu.

Priority projects for the Northwest Region; the continuation of the construction of the Ring-road (Banadjou-Bamenda road) and 15 kilometres within the city of Bamenda, the reinforcement of capacities of LIFIDEP and DERUPDEP which are grassroot Organization to harmonize and valorize the production of foodstuff and livestock within the region.

According to the Secetary General at the Governor's office, Viang Mekala representing the Governor at the opening of the public session, budgetary activity is the driving force for every activity in the nation.

While reiterating that the implementation of the budget has been marked by challenges in the North West Region, due to the armed conflict and to a lesser extent the health crisis, Covid19. He mentioned that the 2021 budget execution will be marked by the Covid 19 response plan.

Not leaving out the maintaince and accute security checks for the execution of the Reconstruction Plan.

 Donatus Nji Taboh Achu talks of innovations that are inherent in the 2021 finance law and the 8th year being into the 3 year budgetary programming, anticipated in 2007 and modified in 2018 to revise the quality of finance in revenue Collection and expenditure.

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"With the coming of Covid-19 in March 2020 there have been avenues of more expenditure due to the health crisis, the 2021 budget will be executed given the reconstruction of the NW, SW and Far North Regions, including the Chan of 2021".Head of Mission.

Revenue optimization and budgetary discipline is indeed of great necessity in the year 2021, a year described by the Secetary General at the Governor's office as a year of bright prospects.

"Government intends to run on vigorous measures and in the Northwest region security watch will be intensified, setting a security plan to ensure a smooth implementation of the reconstruction plan." SG representing the North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

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The perception of innovations in the 2021 budget according to the technical team from Yde emanates from the aspect of practical problems faced in the past. The proliferation of revenue management system which wasn't guided by any text and were not accountable to give any feedback.

The Regional Finance Controller suggested as main prospective for his office, constructing a regional website given the health crisis Covid 19, a medium which to him will be accessible to all.

The Regional Delegate for MINEPAT cried foul about the liquidity situation in the Northwest region.

"If a region is a disaster zone, give it all it needs as support to gain back itself. The award authourities should be very diligent, not forgetting the transition of new Mayors which greatly affected the award of contracts, which took place late".

While Donga Mantung was called to fix the situation of transmission and certification of Vouchers, it is worth noting that the execution rate of projects in the Northwest region is at 55.6% as compared to 39% of last year.


The Regional Delegate of MINEPAT outlined challenges faced as far as award of contracts, execution and liquidation are concerned. Asking SDOs to liase with the Mayors for a better output.

"The problem of project maturization where funds are being allocated for projects which are not matured and again the liquidity crisis. Contractors do execution and go in for partial payment, the treasurer does not pay in time, which also keeps us behind. Not leaving out the President of tenders board who are mostly abscent and make award of contacts difficult." Reginal Delegate MINEPAT.

R.D MINEPAT talking to the Press

"The Central treasury should do some special transfer to the regional treasury to resolve the liquidity problem in our region. There is need for Commercial banks to accompany contractors in executing the projects.".

By Ndefru Melanie


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