Authorizing Officers, Control Engineers Advised to Tender Files and Implement Projects

View of Stakeholders in attendance

Tender is a matter of competition. Reason why Nkenfack Fabien head of division for Legal and Administrative affairs has adviced Regional Delegates, Mayors, Stakeholders and other state actors involved with the implementation of State Budget in the execution of projects, to work in synergy and register a 100% project execution in the NorthWest region.

He was representing the Governor of the Northwest region Adolphe Lele Lafrique at a Maturization meeting at MINEPAT conference hall Bamenda, on January 13th 2020 aimed at sensitizing those concerned on the cycle of Public Investment Projects and production of tender files for contractual obligations related to 2021 projects.

"If we want to realize a 100% in project implementation in our region, we must work in synergy. Mayors should be assisted by the Regional Delegate of MINEPAT then the objective will be attained. By next year if a division does not realize this, others will respond because it is in the interest of the population which all of us have taken the engagement to fulfill". Nkenfack Fabien.

Partial View of Mayors and other actors

Mayors discussed about the projects allocated for their different municipalities, divisions as other actors/stakeholders maintained that the task ahead is daunting, yet have decided to carry forth hoping to get full support from their people.

Maturization of projects are those found in the log book and these State actors are expected to know who are the design engineers for each project. Tender files are to be produced and thereafter project implementation is commenced.

Divisional Delegate MINEPAT, Donga Mantung

"Dongamantung has over 1 billion to finance their projects including the economic tarring that has been envisaged for Ndu town, Credit cards are available and maturization elements are available. If we start our projects early, we will raise the standard. In 2019 by this time we were at 38% of and in 2020 recorded 58% execution." Tabe Ako Leo, Divisional Delegate MINEPAT, Donga Mantung.

State actor from Boyo recieves Project Logbook from RD MINMAP

"The interest of the meeting is to have the list of projects for each division for 2021 and to be sure we get the right control engineers selected for each project, that the projects that Mayors and other stakeholders chose are mature and will start without delayance." Lonang Serge, Boyo Division.

Key projects in Boyo will be the rehabilitation of health centres, the reconstruction of destroyed structures. According to most of the participants in attendance, tender files must be ready by the end of January.

Mayor, Mbengwi Council

Ndangsa Kennedy is Mayor for Mbengwi Council, Momo Division. He thinks the projects approved for his municipality are laudible, mentioning that support from the grassroots is of utmost Importance to realize a 100%.

"Important projects like construction of farm to market roads is a priority, the construction of a Government Nusery School that has never been constructed is a call for concern for the people of the municipality, I need the support of my people to realise this" Ndangsa Kennedy.

"About 8 projects are above and 7 other peojects are below 5million, we have not been left out. My team and I are preparing grounds for the implementation of these projects; inviting stakeholders concerned with the various projects, documentation is ongoing. We need to be time conscious so that implemetation begins with those that have been tendered for programming." He added.

Mayor Bongfan Stephen

The Mayor of Nkum Council, Tatum Bongfan Stephen says with confidence that he will call out on the boys in the bushes, urging them to work with him because the projects is for the benefit of the population.

"Implementing the projects will not be difficult, because I will talk with the boys. They are my people, my brothers, they are not strangers and they are the one who voted me as Mayor. Am a Mayor for development, the projects remain theirs. I will ask them to leave the bushes, employ them to work with me so that we realize these projects." Mayor explained.

Amongst other councils in Bui Division, Nkum Council in Tatum is one of the councils having majority of projects and though a difficult terrain, the Mayor is ready to work.

"My terrain is difficult, Yes. Vehicles that leave from Bamenda and reach kumbo, cannot continue. Vehicles leave Nkambe reaching three- corner Ndu, cannot continue. I will do my best for the roads to be opened and for the projects to carry-on and be realised", Bongfan Stephen.

By Ndefru Melanie


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