MINAT Reveals Special Grant to Greese Efforts of Bamenda City Mayor

MINAT Boss on Special Mission to the  NWR

A Special Grant has been sent for the Bamenda City Mayor to aid in the buying of new buses and ease the circulation of persons in Bamenda, given that the restriction order on the circulation of motorbikes within urban perimeters within the city of  Bamenda still applies.

This measure was applauded by the Head of State, President Paul Biya and according to the MINAT Boss, Paul Atanga Nji it has reduced the rate of violent activities ochestrated by separatists fighters within the city of Bamenda.

View of Security Meeting

Minister Paul Atanga Nji revealed news of the Special Grant during his special visit to the NorthWest region on January 18th, as he chaired a security meeting at the Governor's office to evaluate the security situation in the Northwest Region.

Parents have been urged through his message to play a great role in calling their children out of the bushes, dropping their guns and join the disarmament centres or be caught and brought to book for Justice to prevail.

Parents are willing to send their kids to school yet this zeal for many is coloured with fear as they remain uncertain about the security situation in some areas of Bamenda and across the region.

The local man being the one who is suffering most in the armed conflict continue to make their voices heard by calling on government to intervene genuinely in the armed conflict.

"Every parent, member of familly has a connection with those in the bushes, they are brothers and sisters to other persons living normal lives. It is time for them to call on these children to denounce their demonic practices, because this game has been on for too long". Minister Paul Atanga Nji

MINAT Boss Chairs Security Meeting

Despite reports on Security from the Governor of the Northwest Region, Adophe Lele LAfrique, the MINAT Boss called on the Forces of Law and Order to stay focused, mobilized and vigilant despite the calmness experienced so far.

Calling the recent violent attacks of Separatists fighters, witnessed within the early days of January as last kicks of a dying horse, reassuring the population to neutralize the last pockets of resistance.

"The Head of State has won the battle against secessionist and terrorist, he has also provided centres for them to be disarmed and reintegrated. There are still pockets of resistance and not long from now these will be neutralized." MINAT Boss.

"The Head of State has done his best to resolve the situation and done more, the population must show gratitude for the things he has done. The persisting ghost towns only destroy the economy and the people making efforts to fight that cannot be over emphasized". Minister Paul Atanga Nji.

The MINAT Boss on very high instructions of the Head of State, President Paul Biya says the armed conflict is long overdued and it is time to tie the knots.

"The time for double standards is over" Minister Paul Atanga Nji.

By Ndefru Melanie



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