Councils Poised as Local Engines for Development

Partial View of the Hall at MINEPAT Bamenda

Mayors in the North West region have been asked to be at the forefront of development in their municipalities by using their councils as local industries, that will generate income for themselves and follow up on local produce within their Municipality.

"Mediation excercise will be reinforced following the vision and dream of decentralization. Mediation will be between the government and its people, the mayors, local community and international Community. This will connect the people, because if there are No People there will be No Mayor." Gregory Mewanu, Kumba City Council.

National President UCCC

Kumba City Mayor, National Treasurer UCCC

This proposal was made by the Treasurer of National UCCC, Gregory Mewanu of the Kumba City Council, on the occasion of the UCCC National President Augustin Tamba's visit to the NorthWest region, on January 8th 2021 to install members of the National Bureau to their functions.

Bamenda City Mayor

The Bamenda City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul and the Regional President for Councils in the North West, Awoh Denis Ndang believed that the visit of the National President to the region is a pregnant one. 

A visit that comes after the installation of theRegional and local authorities, inline with meeting the decentralization process by electing the Regional bureau, which will instill competition in fieldwork.

Respect was given to the memory of Etambi Andrew late Mayor of Njikwa, who had being conveyed to his resting place earlier in the day.

Installation Rights

Installation of National Bureau Members of the UCCC was done by the National President Augustin Tamba, asking them to show comittement and remain devoted in the discharge of the functions, putting the expectations of the local man of the grassroots as priority. 

Regional President for Councils, NWR

Mayor Awoh Denis Ndang from Fundong Council, Boyo Division saluted the efforts and patriotism of the Mayors, who have had their fair share of the crisis, yet not relenting to forge ahead in making efforts to develop their municipalities.

"Northwest remains a home to Nation Builders therefore UCCC should be a veritable instrument of hope in a crisis thorn zone", reason why keypoints were raised to the notice of the National President in order to lay to rest the worries of the Mayors;

Mayors were wondering why the 15% of the decentralization fund had not yet been transferred to the councils for the execution of projects, regarding the Regional Council in competition with Mayors in their municipalities. 

This observation caused the Regional President of Councils to request for the need to acquire land to build the office of the UCCC (headquarters of UCCC) and a rest house.

The issue of reintegrating youths, especially those in the bushes was not overemphasized as  reccomendations were made that jobs be provided for them which are income generating.

National President notes the request from NW Mayors

TheRegional President solicited follow up from the National office on Public Investment Projects which have prevented councils from executing projects due to the prevailing insecurity across the region.

Sa Majesté Celestin, 1st Deputy Mayor Monatélé Council

The UCCC doesn't have expertise yet to meet it's new vision and will subsequently be needing experts from the national and international levels to develop projects and programs, while working on the code that will guide it's internal governance. This was an observation of His Majesty Celestin.

The place of the local man should be felt when setting up a mechanism in the decentralized system, where the local taxation system will liase with government to fix the tender system and making it efficient for municipalities to have good results.

Capacity skills for municipalities mainly on the economic field need reinforcement because building a visible  and credible UCCC was ideal on agenda.

Mayor of Wum Council

Mayor Dighambong Anthony of Wum Council, Vice President of UCCC National Bureau reiterated that brainstorming and strategies centred arround developing  the Northwest region have been discussed, calling on maximum team work from all Mayors while complementing them for the spirit of unity that continue to exist despite the challenges faced.

National President reads Speech

AugustinTamba, National President of all Councils across Cameroon's national territory insisted that the dream of UCCC must be met making sure it reflects local expectations from the grassroots.

He recognized that Mayors of the Northwest region have been working in a very difficult context and to him it is a sign of patriotism and courage.

Decentralization credits are now mildly consumed in the Northwest region due to the crisis, a sad reality observed by the Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique.

"The present plan for reconstruction to harness development in the region will be a success if the Mayors return to their various Municipalities". Governor of the Northwest Region.

Familly Souvenir photo

Mayors, Regional Councilors and other elites should become peace crusaders in their areas of command, calling on those in the bushes to drop their weapons, shun out terrorism in order to bring back normalcy, enhancing development and reconstruction in the Northwest Region.

"This maiden team of the the national bureau of the UCCC, will be known as the mandate of jubilee if all are on hands on deck to repair and develop the region".

By Ndefru Melanie



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