Peter Ngufor Recommends Appeasement than "Routine Speech"

CEO Farmer's House

Peter Ngufor at Farmer's house Bamenda has told Press that he had hoped for a speech inline with Appeasement, paving the way forward for the nation as an End of year speech, rather than have an End of year routine speech that crowns a year.

"I hoped for the speech to be more inline with appeasement regarding what has happened in 2020, the conflicts across the nation and the health crisis, Covid19. Through his speech, should pave the way for the next 12th months for the coming year, rather than more routine speeches, because an End of year speech gives directives on how the nation should move forward." Peter Ngufor, Farmer's House Bamenda.

He was talking to Press on January 7th 2021, making reactions to the Head of State's Speech, President Paul Biya who made references to the challenges faced with the health Crisis, the need to respect barrier measures while urging efforts to build a better economy.

According to Peter Ngufor of Farmer's house Bamenda, who suggested and made a remark about assistance given to the Head of State by Adolphe Moudiki in every aspect of live, will matter very much, if they work together.

"If both work together, they will deliver very good products because I have been following them not necessarily downplaying the efficiency of others." Peter Ngufor told press.

Adolphe Moudiki is a Cameroonian, a political figure who has been Director-General of the National Hydrocarbons Company, the state oil company of Cameroon, since 1993. A long-time associate of President Paul Biya, Moudiki was Minister of Labor from 1987 to 1988, Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency from 1988 to 1989, and Minister of Justice from 1989 to 1991.

Dual efforts according to Peter Ngufor are necessary during the President's 5years mandate given that 2 years are gone since 2018 when he took the command batton again at the Unity Palace.

More efforts should have been on appeasement considering that so much has happened and the people are going through hard times, reflected Peter Ngufor.

"The Head of State has been there for over 40years and has had all sorts of difficulties addressing over 25million people, and with the 5years he has in power he should use it to make his mark".

To Peter Ngufor, there have been too much talking, support has to come from every Cameroonian especially talking about the economy of the country which is not one man's buisness.

He explained that the Head of State, President Paul Biya cannot degree an improved economy, and it happens, it requires work and to work u need an enabling environment/atmosphere.

Peter Ngufor made have his word about an Independent Consciliator for the Region.

"I don't have a hidden interest in any position or reward before contributing in building the country. I will not accept any position as compensation for any work that I have done." He concluded.

By Ndefru Melanie

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