NW Parliamentary Commission Visits Reference Hospital Site In Bamenda

Northwest Parliamentary Commission on the field

A Four Man Delegation representing the Northwest Parliamentary Commission has been to the field to evaluate and make reports about the Reference Hospital at Mile 5, Bamenda following observations that revealed the contractor incharge of the project had abandoned the project site.

At Governor's Explanade

After brief concertation in-camera, follow up and evaluation was done on the project site on February 17th 2021, with close collaboration from the Regional Delegate of Public Health, MINMAP (Public Contracts), MINTP (Public Works). 

The Delegation made up of the Questor National Assembly, Hon Njingum Musa, Hon Nestus Fru Manju, Hon Injoh Prudencia, Hon Bami Emmanuel and a host of others concerned with the execution of projects in the NorthWest region.

"The work site has been abandoned for over 2years, Out of the 14 structures previewed on the contract, only 7 has been taken to roof level. The others are at foundation level and worst of all is that the site has been completely abandoned" Hon. Bami Emmanuel Ngoketungia South (Balikumbat).

"Our mission is to follow up, evaluate and write a report addressing it to the person who will decide what will happen next. As representatives of the people, our concern is that, the hospital should be delivered to the people of the Northwest Region" Hon Bami E. told Press.

The Contactor incharge of executing the project had abandoned the site, now a skeleton of itself. Micheal Mubang one of the concerned with the execution of the project said after the project was abandoned by the then company, LAAWOOD due to insecurity, there has been no communication on the way forward.

Micheal Mubang, Sub Contractor
Reference Hospital, Project site Bamenda

"Then, Laawood company concerned with the construction of this hospital left due to insecurity then my company was contacted as a sub contractor by the main contractor Alliance. In Nov 2018, we visited the site and was told that work temporarry stopped due to insecurity reasons and will only continue In January. Since then no communication despite the fact the we have been writing letters" Micheal Mubang, sub-contractor.

Project site

Most contractors who engaged in the execution of projects within the period of the ongoing crisis in the NorthWest region have abandoned the project sites and have not accounted for funds used or given dates for the continuation of the said projects. 

By Ndefru Melanie

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