Covid-19: BHeT Supports IDPs to Keep Safe on Double Front

View of their Abbot

Internally Displaced Persons at Bonamome, Bonaberi- Douala have been encouraged by BHeT to keep safe in times of the health crisis, in the face of an armed conflict situation, though they flea in search for safer grounds which are yet deplorable.

"These people don't have access to pipeborn water, no toilets, they live in areas where they raise their houses above water and when they defecated it goes to that water, same water they use to drink or do other house hold chores, it is our greatest plea that government can come to their aid" Regina Etaka, BHeT Project Lead.

BHeT Team shares out basic needs

Bringing Hearts Together (BHeT) has visited this vulnerable group with some basic needs; foodstuffs (rice, salt), clothes, shoes and anti-Covid19 kits (savon, facemask, wash-hand buckets). These are items to help preserve their dignity and stay healthy, given their situation, exposed to the dangers of their immediate society.

These displaced persons have left the comfort their homes and property, running away from their place of origin due to the dangers of the armed conflict.

Regina Etaka Esong, Exécutive Director hands Wash hand buckets

Regina Etaka Project Lead for Bringing Hearts Together, says their situation /condition need attention, she finds amongst these vulnerable group children and young girls who stopped going to school and ran to their present location, for safety.

Anti-Covid kits recieved

"Amongst them are children, fathers and mothers, Children who have not been able to go to school due to the armed conflict situation. BHeT is calling on persons of goodwill to come to their aid, though the NGO is making an effort to sponsor some of the kids and are looking forward to empowering the women so that they can sustain their families."

Regina Etaka hands Facemasks

BHeT offered sustainable facemasks, easy to manage, preventing them from spending. To Etaka, these people will need to use Facemasks often, wash them and use from time to time, reason she made available what is durable.

"Economically they are not viable, facing health challenges, moving to Bonamome where they can survive, as they can no longer pay rents is a sign that they need help and support because the environment itself is not conduisive".

Demonstrating the washing of hands
IDPs in Bonamome

BHeT has as aim to promote the knowledge, skills and rights of vulnerable famillies in Cameroon, while strengthening familly headed individuals, Community and associated Community organizations, to respond to the needs of vulnerable people, as well as promoting Peace within communities.

By visiting these Internally Displaced Persons in Bonamome, Bonaberi Douala, BHeT aims at providing sustainable services, with the help of goodwill partners and government, for the children, women and young girls battered by the ongoing crisis in the Northwest and Southwest region.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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