Covid-19: Graziers Encouraged to Keep Preventive Measures

Anti-Covid kits have been given to herdsmen at Cattle Market,Bamendankwe by the Governor of the Northwest region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, to help them engage in safe measures against the health Pandemic, Covid-19. 

Some graziers complained that in recent times, their movements with cattle is now limited, not only because of the health crisis but also due to the armed conflict, as most of them lost their cattle to seperatists fighters.

Buckets were offered to enable the frequent wash of hands and facemasks, to guard against the disease, Covid 19. Besides the difficulties faced in keeping barrier measures, some of them said, the crisis greatly affected the number of cows they will have on a normal cattle market day.

One of them explained that, over 500 cows could be seen on cattle market days but as per the Crisis period, they barely struggle to get over 150 of them. This is the more reason why a kilo of meat which was sold at 2400frs is now sold at 3000francs or more.

With cattle rearers' involvement in crop production, the herds become less mobile between seasons and is a reality lived in the context of the crisis ravaging the Northwest region, decreasing the herd size.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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