Covid-19: Medics Urge Population To Respect Barrier Measures

Some frontline health Workers in Cameroon have urged the population to step up their respect of Covid-19 barrier measures.

This was during a press briefing where a platform of health professional orders and unions were addressing the issue in Yaounde, this March 26.

Holding at the Cameroon Medical Council, CMC, the doctors reminded the public of the existence of the pandemic and in a more severe phase. They urged that the wearing of face masks should be taken seriously so as to limit the spread of the virus. The president of the National Trade Union of Private Medical Doctors in Cameroon (SYNAMEC),
Dr Ndjebet Jules gave a summary of their recommendations.

"Our recommendations in other to reduce the mortality and mobility of this disease is to make people be aware of the fact that they have to wear their mask, wash hands, they have to avoid all forms of manifestations and keep distances during church services, family meetings and so on".

Dr Ndjebet Jules also encouraged the population to always consult health professionals before taking treatment especially in the case if traditional medicine.

"You have to consult a medical doctor or other health professionals when you have some symptoms like fever, cough. I don't deny the capability of our traditional medicine. You can take it but you have to go to the hospital and have a right diagnosis by doing a test and scan in other to take the right medication. You cannot look only at the internet, at google and begin taking a medication by yourself when you are not a professional".

He equally emphasized on the need for health professionals to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

"I think if you take the vaccine according to what the scientific council has prescribed, you will not have too much problem you can have some adverse effects but you have to be followed after in order to be taken care of. It is better to have complications after vaccination than having COVID-19 with a high risk of death".

The union of doctors equally urged the government to enforce discipline amongst her citizens who keep neglecting these barrier measures. They equally called on government officials to step up the process of acquiring vaccines.

"The authorities should do everything possible to accelerate the process of acquiring vaccines and start the campaign as soon as possible". The last paragraph of the resolution reads.

The President of Cameroon National Order of Dental surgeons (OMCDC), Dr Tankoua-Sunou, President of the Cameroon National Medical Association (ONMC), Dr. Guy Sandjon, the president of Cameroon National Order of Pharmacists (ONPC), Dr Nana Frank, were equally part of the press briefing and unanimously brought out the recommendations.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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