Farmers' Potentials Grissed with Seeds at Farm Year Launch

Farm Inputs Distributed to Farmers

Farmers from within the Northwest Region have recieved from the North West Development Authority, MIDENO tons of maize seeds, agrochemicals, insecticide and fertilizer amongst many other inputs for their farms, at the launch of another farming season.

Farm inputs distributed at thee launch of the farm season were; 18.5 tons of maize seeds, 27.2 tons of agrochemicals to some 646 farmers of the region, 13.5 tons of solanum potatoes, 4 tons of maize, 190 bags of NPK fertilizers, 280 sachets of fungicides, 15 litres of insecticides and 100,000 cassava cuttings.

Souvenir Picture at Farm Year Launch 2021

The Launch which took place in Santa sub division on March 25th 2021, was done under the strict respect of barrier measures of Covid-19, as farmers converged at the MIDENO Seed Farm, TDC Santa to benefit from packages of farm inputs to improve framing skills, this season.

Farmers have the zeal to plough their farms and expect great produce at the end of the farm season, but given the prevailing context of the social unrest, many have cried foul about difficult roads and the "unsafe environment" having a farm far off the main roads.

The North West Governor by this urged those still carrying arms in the bushes to drop them and yield to the call of the Head of State, Président Paul Biya who offers a better life for them at the DDR centre as way to reach out to long lasting peace

"I want to use this opportunity to call on our children to lay down their arms and join their friends at the DDR centres. This as a way to bring back long-lasting peace in the region".

NW Governor recieved by Farmers

Some of these recipients of farm inputs were of the opinion that, government should assist in resolving the armed conflict that has caused rural-exodus, such that youths have moved to bigger cities, in search of a safe space and old men/women use manual labour to plough their farms.

NW Governor, Adolphe Lele LAfrique while at the Farm season Launch in Santa encouraged farmers to be steadfast in their farming activities, in order to serve a growing and demanding population, improving on their potential considering the negative effects of the Crisis.

Ngong Elizabeth Maika, a representative of the farmers pointed out that youths, skilled in farming have left the rural areas and the old people left behind have been left to engage in agriculture, with less strength to produce more.


Just like MIDENO's GM tells Farmers, " Farming never fails", the Regional Delegate of Agriculture, Fuchi Thomas told farmers how these inputs can be applied to have great produce at harvest time.

Quote: The Observer237

By Ndefru Mélanie

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