Property Owners Affected by Road Rehabilitation In Bamenda, Cautioned on Procedures

Field work at Mobile Nkwen

Checks for the continuation of demolition works has been carried out by the SDO for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh, City Mayor, Paul Achobong and team, on the Nkwen stretch of road and on the finance-ngeng junction stretch of road.

This commission carried out this excercise on a day 2, March 25th 2021 to ensure that road works continue within the City of Bamenda, as per the plan of the government to construct new roads. It should be noted that the team has been working for days to ensure that work is done without any conflict situation with the population, recieving the project.

Measurements for effective Demolition

Press Release

The City Mayor mentioned in a release on March 24th 2021, instructing all whose property have been partially damaged given the ongoing rehabilitation of roads within the city of Bamenda, to seek authorization from the council before embarking on any sought of enclosure.

To him, this " to ensure that such works conform to the provisions of the city's approved planning documents and the vision of these projects". The city council will guide owners of such premises on how to proceed in conformity with it's plan of action.

Commission Concert with Property owners

Property owners who have complained about fault destruction in the course of the ongoing works, have had their property evaluated, to be discussed by the commission following up on the road rehabilitation in Bamenda and for onward transmission.

View of rods in Bamenda

No major incident or confrontation has been recorded since the start of road works in Bamenda, as the City Mayor applauds the maximum collaboration of the people, assuring them the project will be realize to expectations.

No levy has been accorded to the application process for those whose properties have been affected and while others complain and give setbacks realized in the course of marking buildings or property for demolition, the City Mayor didn't mention who takes charge of the expenses.

View of Ongoing road works in Bamenda

The people have realized how serious works have gone so far to give the City of Bamenda good roads, with all funds coming from a partnership between the government of Cameroon and the World Bank.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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