Chad President Bows Out, Son Takes Command

Announcement on the death of Idriss Deby Itno in Chad and his Son taking over is the flagship news of this day, April 20th 2021. The President killed, the son replaces him and the army retains power.

The Chadian scenario looks very much like a military coup d'état with the son who led the presidential guard who seized power from the grand ladies of the senior officers of the Chadian army. This scenario reminds us roughly of what the RSP did with Yacouba Isaac Zida when Blaise Compaore fled the country.
The news of Deby's death led to the de facto sudden disappearance of all institutions that were dissolved with a unilateral transition charter adopted by the military. Chad is entering a period of uncertainty with a rebellion that has not said its last word and a political class gagged by the iron regime. The Chadian case also reminds us of what took place in the Democratic Republic of Congo when Laurent Désiré Kabila was assassinated by his close guard and the rise to power of his son Joseph Kabila

His son takes over but Chad is sick today, a worrying situation beyond Ndjamena because more than a thousand Chadian soldiers are in the Sahel.

Strongly a return to normal as quickly as possible for the Chadian people, victim of a situation imposed on them by the appetite for power. The return to stability of the country is essential for Chadian soldiers to continue serving elsewhere.

By Katakap


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